TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 24: Let’s Play Find a Gnome

Chapter 24

Nothing like a cocoa on a cold day.

A bit of fun with Sir Dance-A-Lot

Puddy Tat, on the other hand, found a buddy to play with for a little bit.  It’s either the witches cat or the vampires.

The time spent at the festival has gone down.  It took forever to get the last 500 tickets.

Eh, why not?  Nobody else was there with a horse so it wasn’t much fun for him.

Awe remember when she got this face paint last winter when she was still a child?

He might have 2 of the magician gnomes already but Andres is a showman and magic tricks are fun.

Kyris showed up and found Jon at the festival.

It amazes me how much he gets paid for these things!  He’s staying strong at 5 stars since they moved here.  There really wasn’t many opportunities in Appaloosa Plains.

She’s a lot of fun to watch snowboarding and keeps getting higher and higher wishes for 5/10/15/20 tricks.

There’s a really low chance to get a gnome from these.

I’d rather have a gnome!  They have way too much money as it is.

Kyris didn’t manage to get anything at all.

Wack-a-gnome looks fun.  Of course, they both wanted to buy one for themselves.  If y’all buy everything you see you’ll never leave the house!  What’s the point of an open world if you never leave?

Jon is so good with the pets!

I love the inventor gnome!  He’s so cool.  Speaking of gnomes, let’s do a check shall we…

You don’t realize how many there are until you try to find them!  It’s like Where’s Waldo with gnomes.  Can you find them all?  Wait, that sounds more like Pokemon.

Sir Dance-A-Lot and Domino have a good relationship.  Not as good as he has with Putty Tat though.  Probably because the horse can’t go inside the house.

Really, Jon, you’re hands aren’t dirty.  Whatever.  Wash away.  I suppose he could have a worse obsession eh?

Andres got another opportunity to go somewhere and dance.

Both Jon and Kyris wanted to skate on a lake so they went all the way up here.  But when I clicked for them to skate they just stood there and the interaction dropped.  It didn’t occur to me until now that I should have turned headline effects on to see if they got a thought bubble to explain it.

Neve was just sitting around so she went up there too.  She’d actually arrived with Jon so I have no idea why she was just then getting there.

Jon had caught a bird and when he realized (for whatever reason) that they couldn’t skate he started talking to it.

Neve found a seat and drank some milk.  (YUCK!  How long was that in her inventory???)

Kyris came over to talk to her…

Jon told Kyris that Neve is all into potions and stuff so he thought she’d think it’s cool.

There was a tense moment…

He decided to break the tension showing her a magic trick… real magic.

That seemed to have snapped her out of it.  They didn’t talk very long, it was cold and getting late.

I don’t think Kyris realized how pretty Jon’s older sister is until this!  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for this.

Chapter 25


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