TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 25: Terrifying Teenhood

Chapter 25

This is one of my werewolves.  He looks so worried!


Haha that looks so cool!  I tried to make them look less… horrific.

See?  He’s even cute in a weird way.  I gave them the same hair color because really them changing hair color when they transform makes no sense at all!

Time for the show!

I was advised to turn headline effects on to see what the audience wants.  It works really well!

There’s that full moon glow.  If anything these shows are really entertaining to watch.

Just like when Neve aged to a teen, Andres had to rush home for Jon’s birthday.

Everyone’s like umm…

I suppose being a teen is pretty scary.

Kyris is like okay here we go!  Show off.

Kyris: This is what you do.

Jon: That’s terrifying!

Andres’ face cracked me up.  Like “Don’t ask me for help with your schoolwork!”

Late night gnome check.

Sir Dancealot: C’mon Neve I wanna play!

Build mode no snow gnome check.

Someone or something somewhere was stuck and making the game lag really bad so I reset everything which takes at least 5 minutes but usually fixes the issue.  Anyway, this is the way they were paused when it was done.

Neve:  Is the horse supposed to look like that?

I think it’s the dog you need to worry about!

I like this little boxcar diner.  It’s funny that my loathing of rabbitholes doesn’t seem to apply to lots like this.  Two vampires.

This happened when they were inside and made me laugh.  See?  There are other sims in town!

A better view.  That lady brought out her food and sat waaay over beyond those cars to eat… in the snow.

He was like a smidge away from getting to the next magician level so he went to the park in town and to do some magic tricks for tips.

The Vault of Antiquity was hidden underneath the library which I thought was really cool.  The problem was, she couldn’t get down there with the stairs the way there were.  It took me forever to get it to work right!  I thought a hidden fenced area out back was kinda cool and makes it a bit more mysterious.

Little ball + big ball= such cuteness!  And Jon is back there working on the army of snowmen.

Meanwhile, Andres is still doing his magic tricks.

This guy didn’t seem impressed.

Regardless, he got the promotion.  Ohhh scary!  I heard you can die in this.  Luckily one of his mysterious seeds was for a death flower plant!

I know there aren’t a lot of pics of Kyris.  It’s because he does this most of the time which isn’t really photo-worthy.

Okay so Kyris needed all of these metals and whatnot and Andres has sooo many lifetime points so I had him buy the collection helper.  But Kyris wouldn’t take it!  Freaking sims!

Ugh.  Do I have to do everything myself???  Here… instant friendship.  Sheesh.

Oh my you shouldn’t have.  Ugh.  Sure sure.  Now, give Andres some friendship elixirs.

Sadly, there wasn’t anyone to befriend.  Something’s up with Nraas Dresser.  It keeps giving sims weird makeup and I can’t figure out how to stop it.

He always looks like he’s posing.  Just waiting for someone to snap a shot.  Although, it’s been happening his entire young adult life so I suppose he’s used to it.  Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure that his birthday is in the next chapter!

The gnomes seem to be staying mostly in a group again which should make the gnome checks easier.

Chapter 26


  1. Ah the nostalgia! I still miss a lot of aspects of Sims 3 (such as the open world, as laggy as it was) so it’s great reading their adventures!

    “Is the horse supposed to look like that?” Oh my gosh 😂 I still have those dog glitches in Sims4 too! 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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