TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 26: Birthday and Box of Death

Chapter 26

Poor Jon has spent pretty much his entire winter working on the snowman army.  I ended up stopping aging sometime after this which you’ll find in a few chapters was pointless.  Moving on!

Normally, it’s Jon who takes care of all the animals but with him constantly making snowmen the task has passed to Neve.

And look!  It’s Andres’ birthday!  Life with aging on long is strange.

Oh, the anticipation!  It takes them sooo long in this game!

Here we go!

Tada!  I gave him sort of showy type clothes.  I mean he’s been a celebrity most of his life constantly getting his picture taken and he’s been doing the magic acts and has that performer trait so I thought maybe his look should reflect all that.

Look at all the gnomes he’s collected in his young adult life!  Although, I don’t think they are all there.

Why?  Just why?

Then get in the house!!!

Domino sleeping in his stall.  It doesn’t happen often which is why it warrants a picture.

More freaking laundry.  And look!  New PJs.

Jon practicing a bit of magic.

Neve getting smooches while taking care of all the pets in the morning.

While Jon started back in on the snowman army.  And then…

It happened!!!

They have been doing laundry at least once a day since he returned from university.  That’s like 42 sim days!  Finally, we have a laundry gnome!!!!

It looks like he’s raising his arms in triumph!  Meet your new buddy gnomes.

Everyone, including me, needed a break so they were off to the festival.

I saw the ghost kid.  He looks pretty cool.  Okay, so here’s the story since I forgot in the Meadow Glen intro chapter… his parents were scuba diving when his mom was attacked by a shark.  Dad tried to fight it off but failed which resulted in her death.  So stricken and shocked he didn’t notice when he was out of air in his scuba tank and drowned.  But, they were granted new life and later had two children who, they were shocked to see, were born ghosts as well!

Another one of those messages popped up saying the cop was rounding up the hooligans.  I looked and it was Kyris who was sitting at a table doing his schoolwork!

This is a crappy pic is the only one I got because I was trying to get one of Andres walking by.  He waved at Kyris and kept going!  But darned if I didn’t pause right and lost it!

Neve is seriously obsessed with snowboarding.

It’s probably best if she takes a break every once in a while though.

It’s just a snowman Neve!

Andres wandered off and she made another.  An alien!  So cool.

I never use this thing so I thought it might be fun.

Or not?


Why is vomit always that psychedelic color in Sims games?  Like, who vomits neon green?

Needless to say, Jon headed home.  He looked so cute and vulnerable here.  I should have lightened the pic.

A little bit of attention to the pets had him cheered once again.  If Jon is anything it’s resilient.

I remembered the lamp that Andres had found in the catacombs in Egypt so he gave it a rub.

Umm… what the heck?  Get back here!

Instant friendship because why not?  But, after asking what he could wish for he sent her back to the lamp.  None of it sounded very exciting.  Love might be nice if it was like Sims 2 and a sim with high chemistry dropped from the sky already in love with him.  LOL!

Probably checking the sink or something.  Carry on Jon.

Thanks for giving him an option.

Andres had some time before the magic show so I thought maybe he could make some friends.

Instant bestie.

He looks worried.  Maybe he feels bad.  This sim was created by EuphorialQueen.  I have quite a few of her sims roaming around.

Maybe he just realized who Andres is.

Umm… y’all do know the sun is out right?

Checking on everyone else… Kyris was fishing so he would have some for elixirs.

Neve and Jon were working on the snowman army.  They’d occasionally do snow angels too but I checked back on the wiki and apparently, it’s only snowmen they need.

This was so confusing.  He went into the place for his show and this guy did the whole I like someone with talents… whatever it is that usually means they get that attractive company moodlet type thing.  Andres was about to go do the show so he did the instant bestie thing and invited the guy to group up.  I mean seriously, this was the first possible relationship since university.  I didn’t want to let him get away if there was potential there!

I should have known they’d all be eager to see him enter the box of death.

(Reminder: He does have a death flower if this all goes for the worse!)

He’s so dramatic!

The red lighting made it look like it’s filling with blood!

Look closely.  When he came out it looked like this black apparition detached from him.  The same thing happened the next time but without pausing, it looked completely different.

And then this happened.  Same thing as with that guy earlier.  I thought cool, two potentials.

But, after the show, he talked to her and became friends and then realized she’s married!  Ugh.  This was about the time I realized that half the town has that hair and outfit.  I really didn’t pay attention when I was adding sims.  The only explanation I can come up with is that I don’t own the hair that the creators used and so it all defaulted to this.  Same with the guys.  I’ve fixed some but not all.  I really can’t believe I didn’t notice!  Anyway, he was tired, the attraction moodlet wasn’t even there for the guy.  I was confused and frustrated so just sent him home.

Chapter 27


    • Really? I swear half the population in this save has either that bob cut on the girls or a shaved head on the guys! CAS was super laggy so I’d just tossed all the sims into households and dropped them into the world for Story Progression to do what it will with them. LOL!


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