TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 27: Like a Charm?

Chapter 27

If you look closely, you can see the snowman army in front of the house.

It’s still taking some time to get used to Andres’ “adult” look.  I miss his old magic outfit.

Today was his turn to spend quality time with the pets.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t sleep the night before thanks to an invigorating elixir.

Neve looking all fond and wise.  Well, it is her birthday after all.

Gnomes and a snowman army.  At least they no longer have neighbors to stare but I wouldn’t be surprised if the other sims in Meadow Glen think they’re all crazy.  Perhaps they’re right?

I found this broken thing behind Kyris’ house.

Went into build mode to get a closer look and realized there’s a broken washer here as well.  I shift+clicked and deleted them both but I expect there will be more.  I put the junkyard on this lot before deciding to put this house here instead and I guess one of the spawners got stuck here.  The weird thing is that when I turned on buydebug I didn’t see the spawner.

Andres got this wish.  I was like who?

I searched him out and found him with his sister.  He’s one of the sims that he met the other day and threw a friendship elixir at.  I believe EuphorialQueen made them.  I have a lot of her sims floating around.  So, that’s an interesting development.

They were all getting ready to go out for the day and since they were good to go Kyris and Jon worked on yet another freaking snowman.

His first regular gig!  It’s turning headline effects on… makes it go so much more smoothly.

Neve was destroying this snow angel earlier and I stopped her so she could get ready and this happened.  It was like it was translucent.  It disappeared next time I started the game.

They spent a few hours bowling which was pretty entertaining.

Then everyone started to get hungry so I searched around and found this little bar and grill.  Did you know you can order a whole pizza from the bartender?

After they ate it was time for the cakes.  I still can’t believe that I managed to have Kyris the exact same age as Neve.

This dude came over to celebrate with them.  At some point, the bartender did too.

I’m always trying to do this in Sims 4 with twins and it never works.  One of them inevitably doesn’t blow out their candles to celebrate with the other.

I have no idea how that could be possible because she almost always did her schoolwork but I think this trait gives a little umph to her personality.

Kyris, on the other hand, very rarely did his schoolwork.  Absent-Minded is kinda boring but I’m sure I can work it in somewhere.

Soooo freaking pretty!  I ended up having to go into full-edit-mode because she literally had no boobs.  I’m wondering if this is from being a literal clone of Andres?  I had so much fun dressing her!  I think picking hair took me much longer than anything else.

Having a chat with Kyris… although it doesn’t look like it.

Here we go.  Much better.  It was nice to get Kyris out of the “homeless teenager” clothes and into something nice.  These are their party clothes.

Hehe!  Oh sure, why not?  I want to see what it looks like!

Pretty hearts…

Looks like she liked it…

Wow!  She liked it.  That was totally her not me.

Awe, yay!  Our first Gnome Crazy couple.

Both Andres and Jon said this and just headed home.  LOL!  Kyris and Neve flirted and stuff for a while and became boyfriend and girlfriend then I called it a night.

Starting back up I was looking through Andres’ skill journal for something and noticed this.  He got this achievement in university.  I went nuts getting this for him!  I thought maybe he lost some stuff when they moved but no, everything else is there.  Remember how in Appaloosa Plains he kept losing friends so fast?  I’d assumed the whole time he had this reward but apparently, he didn’t!  Sheesh.

We’d neglected the plants the day before.

Yes, it continues.  Poor Jon.

They look like they’re up to no good.

Neve had her first celebrity opportunity.

After that was done she met Kyris at the little boxcar diner I like so much for lunch.

He had this opportunity so off they went to Barnyard Boogie.

Boogie down!

The evil gnome was half in and out of the house wall.  It was hilarious.  Horsey was trying to help him but has no hands to grab with!

I think that it may have happened because things are occasionally not lining up right.  Like this.  But really, it’s hilarious!

They must have noticed Neve there with Kyris because she got this while there dancing with him!

Andres had a bunch of sculptures so they headed to the consignment store.

Of course, Jon had to have a look around.

He wanted a jelly bean plant after this.  I gave him one because… cool!

Plumbobs, how fancy!

Oh, you’re fine.  What are you freaking out about now?

Back home and another gnome check.  I remember how it used to drive me crazy that they were constantly buried under snow in my apocalypse save.

Andres also had an opportunity to dance.  This cracked me up!  The place was totally dead so once his time was up he headed back home.

Meanwhile, Jon worked on a few more snowmen before bed.

Checking back in on Neve and Kyris… poor Neve!

Maybe a little less “wildly?”

Kyris got this want again and I was curious what would happen since they’re already in a relationship.  Holy cow!  Needless to say, I make Kyris leave immediately!

A round of drinks for all my friends… and my soon to be nemesis.

Meanwhile, I realized that I’d clicked the home button instead of making him go to his little rental house and he was sleeping in one of their beds.  Domino needed some attention so he went out… in his PJs.  I have no idea why Domino was standing like that again.

Oh cool!  That was just one of the many that he made autonomously and was carrying around.

Finally!  Turns out that the person has to approach her.  I think he was asking for an autograph.  That taken care of, I could send her home!

Chapter 28


  1. Really enjoying following your household as they grow 🙂

    RE: Super Friendly. I don’t think any of the Charisma challenges survive a trip through the library. I’ve noticed Joke Star and a couple of the others getting wiped out for me. I’m not sure why this would be; all of the other skill challenges are handled fine so far as I know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The friend thing is so weird! It still only shows one of the skill challenges complete but I noticed yesterday when he meets someone he automatically becomes friends with them. And here I’ve been having him throw friendship jars at the whole town!

      Liked by 1 person

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