TS4- Random Legacy II 3.17: Well Child Trama

Gen 3 Chapter 17

How can they all return from vacation miserable?  They played games while waiting for Dion to bake Allen’s cake and aunt Khloe went next door to pick up Moonbeam from Kimberly’s house.

Luna got a little over-zealous with the noisemaker.  Ouch!

Allen has decided that it’s all llama’s from here on out.  If his clothing doesn’t have a llama then he’ll wear a protective hat.  It turns out that the vampire attack the night before their trip to Selvadorada sparked some intense well child trauma.  I mean seriously, he sprung from a well!  Where was he before that???

The family just sat together in silence eating their cheesecake.

Moonbeam though, she knows what’s up.  You can tell just by looking at her.

She might know not to eat people food but that doesn’t mean they can’t toss her a bite now and then right?

After the cake, the kids all piled into the living room to watch Sims of the Dead.

(This is my favorite Sims movie and this is my favorite part!)

Meanwhile, all of the adults got back to their everyday tasks.  Terrance did a bit of hacking in the not-so-angry room.

Dion had work soon and still hadn’t done his daily task of writing jokes so he worked on that.

I love this room!  Really, I love most of the rooms in this house.

And Khloe did a few space explorations.

Then she worked a bit on a new project.

After their movie was over, the kids started wandering away to do their own things.  Gideon decided to mod a few games on the computer.

Luna has gotten quite the following online after posting her pics from the trip so she was doing a bit of practicing for the next round of pics.

Addison did a little work on her most recent book.

And Allen?  Well, he’s become convinced that the scarecrow talks to him.  Right now he’s trying to convince the birds.  I don’t think they’re listening.

He was really tired so he went to bed for a good part of the day and since he wasn’t busy he played with Moonbeam.

Addison finished her book and took a nap in the nursery.  Those chairs do look comfy.

Luna was woken by Moonbeam who hasn’t learned not to wake sims yet.

Allen remembered that he’s been carrying around an avocado so went outside to plant it.

And chat with the scarecrow for a bit.


More attention for Moonbeam.

Aunt Braelyn visited that night.  Why are they always angry???

I was happy when I saw she was painting… then she made this.  I put it in the nursery.

I put this one in the living room.  Neither was worth much and it’s nice having more of her artwork around.

Luna woke up hungry and sampled some of the UFO fruit that Allen had harvested off of the plant Khloe brought back in her rocket ship.  It looks really neat!


How is he even typing?!

Chapter 3.18

Chapter notes:

I’ve never known what on earth to do with Allen.  He was just kinda there.  And with the next generation’s rolls, he or anyone else that moved in would be unemployed.  My inspiration came from that goofy cold weather outfit (trenchcoat & sunglasses).  The garden is there but dang the fridge is FULL of produce!  I’m thinking of selling it all and removing the money just to clear the way for some that are a higher quality.  It looks awfully small to me so I’m thinking that I don’t have all the food plants.  

Anyway!  I thought up some things for goofy Allen to do… learn recipes, garden, handiness, help with parenting (of course), go on adventures with Luna as her assistant, cooking, cleaning, etc.  He should be able to stay fairly busy.  I might think of other tasks too.  And now, somehow Allen has jumped up to being a favorite.  He just needed a story and a purpose.  You know how I love my goofy sims!

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