TS4- Rebuilding & Merging Two Drifter Family Lines

I should have known that while repairing all of those broken links here and checking all the pictures and changing links on the archives site that I’d start getting excited about stuff I haven’t played in a long time!  Here is one example of the craziness I get to when I get an idea of how to start something back up again…

In June 2016 I started the Drifter Challenge.  In a little less than 4 months I did houses 001-008.  For the first time out of the challenge, I decided to do a “story” for house 009.  I was actually really excited about it and put a lot of thought into it but sometime after that took a break from simming.  It was only four months but in that time there were a lot of changes to the challenge and I just couldn’t pick up where I’d left off.  So, I started again.  The first one was dubbed Drifter I and the new one was Drifter II.  In less than 3 months I got from 001-008 before, again, I took a break.  This time I just couldn’t decide how I wanted to build the house and well, at this point it’s been a year and a half.  I know I’ve been able to pick up where I left off with other things but with this one, I haven’t been able to.

But dang looking at all of those old chapters has reminded me how much I loved it!  The question was, how to start?  I briefly toyed with the idea of doing the challenge backward so I could actually get to the higher level houses.  Then, I came up with the idea of merging the two family lines from Drifter I and Drifter II!  At first, I’d planned to start with house 009 where I’ve basically left off with both but then the thought of how Seasons has changed the prior houses got my curiosity so I’m starting over… again.  Anyway!  Here’s the craziness:

Drifter I: The Rovers.  Thankfully, this save was almost completely intact so I was able to summon them all using the teleporters…

And revive them using MCCC.

The only ones missing from this save were my founders Brock and Emerson but my paranoid over-saving worked in my favor and I was able to track down a save with them in it!

The house 008 siblings.

The Drifter II save was not nearly as easy!  As you can see, I barely got any of them!

I don’t have more pics of the “finding sims” part because it took hours and was very frustrating.  So, what I had to do so that I could keep family links was to save them to households as elder/adult/young adult/teen.

The Rovers were first.  I had no clue how I wanted to do this so it took waaay longer than the Rains family did.  I suppose that at least partially makes up for how long it took to find all the sims for the Rains family!

Sims kept randomly looking scorched.  It was driving me crazy!

I did find that there’s an option (new?) in MCCC to move a sim into another household.  The amazing part about this is that you can overstuff that “other” household!

Whenever I do something like this I feel like the Volturi vampires in Twilight leading a bunch of humans to their deaths.  Yes, I know it sounds really bad when I say “something like this” like I do it a lot.  Moving on!

This vampire must have read my thoughts!  Umm… vampire?  This really isn’t a good time.

And so, the vampire just stood around.

Poor Brie.  She was the only sim that technically lived on this lot and I was afraid if I merged her into the other household it would throw me off the lot or something.  I didn’t expect this to take so long.

Gah!  Okay so, when I’d brought them all there I’d also brought Larissa and Dillan with them but I needed them alive to attach them to their kids who I hadn’t added to the save yet.  I told them to go home but I realized they never had!  The good part about this is that I was able to cheat poor Brie’s needs up finally.

The bad part?  I couldn’t get them to leave.  I finally got the darned vampire to leave.

It seems that Grim was invigorated from it all!  I actually had to cheat his needs up too!  LOL!

Dropping the rest of the family in… all the girls had their heads tilted like that!

And the little one that would have been the Drifter I house 010 heir Rayven.

Are you freaking kidding me with this right now???  First vampires and now aliens.  Although, weirdness like this is pretty on par with my Drifter experiences.

Now I’m just aging up Rayven.

Neither mother nor daughter looks very happy.  Rayven ended up having this big ole booty and I have no clue where she’d gotten it!  Haha!

Now that grandpa and grandma are linked it’s time for them to go.  I kept having to remind myself these sims were already dead.

Which didn’t help once I got to the ones that weren’t already.  I decided while I was at it to just take care of their son Atticus and his wife Granule too.

And then Atticus’s siblings and his brother’s wife.

Whew!  Drifter I- The Rovers done!  Well, except a few I realized I was missing.

Time for the Rains family.  I dropped them all into lots first then slowly added them to the first household.

Genetic links repaired it’s time to go.  This time I tried to line them up in order because it took forever putting the others in order the day before.

Looks like a freaking massacre.

What?  No!  Dangit game!

So now Jane and Jeffrey who I’d left at home show up to act all upset.  Although, I couldn’t be too mad because I’d needed Freya and didn’t know why she wasn’t there.

This process takes so long.  Like days in sim time and even on 2nd speed it takes a long time real time.  Meanwhile, the Rover’s have decided to haunt the lot where Grim is doing his thing.

Look!  They’re haunting tombstones.

You have to admit that’s pretty darn funny.

I guess this lady thought she needs earbuds since she’s rich and all now?  Meanwhile, she’s waiting for the reaper!

Okay, so I’d left off in house 008 with these two and their 2 adopted kids which were toddlers that I just aged up.

Umm here just be teens now… find something to do.  The girl, Jin, is so freaking cute.

Take note: The kids are cloudgazing.  One sped up try for baby then labor.

I was grateful he was a boy although I mean really how “by the book” is this?  LOL!

Time to drop Rayven in.  Meet your new husband.  Oh, I suppose I should age up those two.  I’d forgotten they were there cloudgazing.

Go take Oberon for a walk.  LOL!  Don’t mind the tent shaking.  I’m so bad!

Uh.  I wasn’t sure what to do but decided to just go with it.

For once it does look like my sim has 3 freaking babies in there when they really do!

Hurrah!  I finally got this darned achievement.  I should have gotten it when Sims 4 first came out and I did the Marx legacy.

Again, I was thankful for a boy because I had name ideas for a boy and girl that I didn’t want to use for the heir.  Meet Neo Rover.  Neo means “new beginning.”  I thought it was fitting.

Awe!  Okay, enough cuteness… time for aging up!

His brother is Brock after the Drifter I founder Brock Rover and his sister is Febe over the Drifter II founder Febe Rains.

Welcome to childhood triplets!

Welcome to teenhood triplets!  I was trying to keep the parents and Cade’s brother and sister’s ages synced as well so they were all aged to adult.  In the end, Cade, Rayven, Zane, and Gin ended up being elders.  I probably could have kept Cade and Rayven as adults for like a week but with my luck, I’d forget to age them up.

Looking through Neo’s family line I realized there was a break.  For some reason, it didn’t show Kelsi as Thaddeus’s mother.  So I had to summon them and fix the link.  I couldn’t figure out a way to uh make them ghosts again.  While I was at it I summoned Brock the Drifter I founder because I didn’t have a gravestone for him and had to end it for Neo’s grandparents because, obviously, there’s no way they’d still be alive.

Poor Taddeus!!!  I had to bring him back… again!  Remember I mentioned a few I’d missed?  It was his twin daughters so I had to summon him and his wife Jamie then age the girls to elder and well… you know.

It’s hilarious how the ghosts are just standing there conversing while Grim stands patiently waiting for someone to plead.

I moved the graves forward and closer together after this and I plan to make it a nice little graveyard but wow isn’t this insane???

All for this.  Uh yeah, I just couldn’t do it to Oberon.  I’ve actually made up a bit of a story for him which should add a bit of fun.  So soon I should have some Drifter Reboot chapters!

Chapter 001.0

If you’re interested in the first Drifter stories…

Drifter I

Drifter II


    • It wouldn’t have been so bad if they were all present in the two saves but they weren’t and I kept having to dig through one backup after another to find the missing sims! I’m really looking forward to seeing all of their ghosts on the remembrance days!

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