TS3→ Gnome Crazy! Ch 28: The Spring Thaw

Chapter 28

Last snow gnome check!

Awe look at it melting.  The snowman army looks so sad.

Jon sat next to one working on his homework and looked like “what do I do now?”  What indeed.  He’s literally been building snowmen all winter!  And, sadly, we never did get the snow gnome.  Which really confuses me because I swear it’s usually the easiest to get!

Awe our chameleon died!

That’s so sad!

Y’all talked to each other once.  LOL!

I think the gnomes are grateful for not having snow.  Now we can see them better!

That’s awesome.  Shouldn’t be a surprise considering that’s pretty much all he does!

Enjoying the sun rays.

Horsey smile!  So sweet.

I checked on Kyris and this is what he was doing.

And then I went back to the main house and that’s what Jon was doing too.  Silly witches.

Ohmygosh!  Where’d you come from?!  Yay!

He cooked them into the stew surprise!!!  The surprise?  Extended life.

I find the jelly beans entertaining.

This was disappointing.

There were no fish to catch so I assume there aren’t any spawners that might give us the mariner gnome.  The cave went nowhere.  Looks like she’ll have to go to Isla Paradiso after-all.  Maybe for their honeymoon.  I assume they’ll get married eventually.  Life on long lifespan is so weird!

After that, she went to the Vault of Antiquity a few times.  No ghost research again.  Maybe it would be better off to just have Kyris curse them all.  LOL!

He keeps getting more wishes for this thing.  Jon is… unique.  It’s like he’s afraid of everything but at the same time has this endless curiosity.

Speaking of being afraid.  What now?

He started talking to this fairy guy.  He’s actually got really cool purple hair so it’s kind of annoying that the work uniform hat shaves it.  That’s one big improvement in Sims 4.

Jon is impressed.  I think he thought fairies were kinda feminine but this guy is all tough and has cool dark wings.  And they don’t need a wand to do magic!

He stopped and asked Kyris if he could try being a fairy but Kyris said the ingredients are really hard to find.  He headed home and had another jelly bean while he decided what to do.

This was just like the night for weirdness.  I can’t remember what Andres was doing out this way.  I think he had an opportunity to give some random person produce.  Anyway, the house next door was being haunted.

So then I was trying to decide what to have him do next since he wasn’t tired and I saw this big congregation of sims.

He’s been wanting to increase his guitar skill which is actually part of his lifetime wish so he went there and started playing.

Of course, he was immediately interrupted by people wanting autographs or to take his photo!  The frustrating thing is that they very rarely get celebrity gifts.  I’m beginning to wonder if I’m doing something wrong.  Andres has stayed steady at 5 stars since they moved.

Speaking of weirdness.  ElderJymm’s sim Bork Bork had this crazy makeup on.  I asked him on Twitter and he said he shouldn’t be having that.  Oddly, the next time I saw him he was normal!

Then I noticed more oddities.  These three children were just standing there for hours holding those lobster theramors.

But when Andres went over to show them a magic trick it was like the spell broke and they all sat down to eat.

Another attempt to play.  It didn’t last.

After he left he got this wish.  I had no clue who Clinton Meeks was.

I had Andres invite him out and then was doing the morning routine with the others.  When I looked back this is how I found him!

I used Master Controller to find the guy and sent Andres to talk to him.  But when I looked this is how I found him!  I remembered the guy now.  He had actually been standing in this exact spot the night before.  I noticed several of the sims were still there.  Were they bugged or what?

I figured I might as well do another reset to be safe.  The cool part about resets is that all of the gnomes reset to one area as well!

Chapter 29

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