TS4→ Drifter Reboot 001.3: Attempting to Date

House 001 Chapter 3

Yes, well done affording the bills on that little shack, Neo.

Oops, put on your other outfit before you die.

A thirst quenching lemonade?

Oberon wonders where’s his.  He also kept getting a “hot” thought bubble.  Am I supposed to keep him in the house when it’s hot?

The vendor closed up so she could say hello then opened it again.  I’d consider her for spouse material but I’d already made up my mind.

Technically, Rovers Past is the old restaurant that I’d placed in Newcrest.  I sat there agonizing over whether he’s allowed there.

Finally, I decided to just take him.  And it turns out that I’d never changed the lot name here when I moved the restaurant and built this one!  And look… Febe is a waitress.

And his mom is a chef!

Brock cracked me up perusing the menu.

Awe!  Look at them all using my seating area!

Febe looks proud that she didn’t drop the food.

Umm Brock?  Where are you going?

Brock no!  Gross!

Here I was thinking it was someone I could set him up with.  She must be from one of the Drifter families.

Neo went into the kitchen to compliment his mom on the great meal.

And since his brother had abandoned him he started to leave but was stopped by his dad for a quick hug.  With all the family here I’m thinking maybe they should just buy the restaurant!

Oi!  Dog!  That was my dig spot!

Don’t give me that pouty adorableness to make up for your dog’s behavior!

I love dogs!  I agree!  Dogs are great!

Ugh.  Nevermind.  I’d already made up my mind anyway.

He was able to get quite a few things doing the rounds of the restaurant area.

Back home to give a walk to Oberon.

Gasp!  We’re rich!  Now I really gotta get back in the habit of constant frog breeding.

Speaking of being rich!  After selling all of the items he’d collected that day he was able to expand into a proper house… sort of.  And look, I was even able to make use of the flea market lamp and chair and a poster he’d found.  The MySims trophy was from using a treasure map and was too cool to sell.

Nope.  Spent all my money.

You wanted to go to the jungle???

I’m not sure if this will be worth it or not.  But they’re also in season in the fall so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Awe look at the cute little garden.

Brock stopped by while Neo was out collecting again.

Oberon: Awe yea!  That’s the spot.

He was almost done when Brock got there and was able to sell everything and get back to the §1,000 needed to travel.

I’d already decided on her but look!  Two of the other girls he’d met got jobs too.

She’s uncomfortable from wet clothes and he’s hungry.  Great.

And oh look it’s his family… all together.  Next to them.

Febe thinking: Neo’s with a girl!

I hope my family being here for our first date isn’t weird.  (It’s weird, Neo)

A little flirting.  Don’t mind me over here mom and dad.

Everyone was watching them!  It was hilarious!

Yay!  Roller skating!

Maybe not yay?

Well, he was confident so that’s good.

His face cracked me up.  They both kept wanting to sit on the benches inside.  It was really weird.

People randomly dip kissing by the dirty plates.  How romantic.

Are you kidding me?!

I locked it for later.

This is when he got home!

Sorry, Oberon.

Oberon: Can I get a bowl of water, please?

This is where I found him when Neo was out collecting.

Neo: How do I make this sound flirty and not dorky?

Drinks?  Where exactly?

I suppose they can swim.

I thought it was an autonomous first kiss but no.

So I did it.

Now that was autonomous!

From the first kiss straight to wanting to woohoo.  LOL!

Neo: Oh no, you’re not getting away!

I’m actually getting bored of the restaurant.  He’d been there twice in two days!  So, I thought he could go to the other one I’d put in Newcrest.  No clue if that’s allowed.  Okay so 1st… it’s next to the graveyard!  Second… they never got food.  Everyone else did but they didn’t.  I have no clue why I didn’t take any pics.

He invited her back to his place.  If you look closely you can see it was getting light outside!

He asked her to be his girlfriend and then asked her to move in.



I found Alvetta’s household on the gallery so I could give credit.  I just realized (days later) that the guy next to her is his sister Febe’s husband!  How cool!

I was bored and keep getting confused about what’s unlocked when and what lots the houses are on so I added all of the house numbers to the corresponding lots.

Chapter notes:  I graphed out the plans for this house.  Which gave me a little thrill.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done that!  I’m actually so eager to do this that I almost kicked myself for not just making this a personal “just for fun” save.  Then, at 3am when I couldn’t sleep I had a thought!  The new plan is for me to continue taking whatever screenshots I want like usual.  I’ll put them on Flickr albums.  Then, I’ll do semiannual (every 2 seasons) updates here with all of the more important events and my favorite pics with a link to the Flickr album for that time period if you want to see the rest!  I think these first chapters were a good intro to everything and I think I might do the same for the start of each house.

Chapter 001.4

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