TS4→ Random Legacy II 3.18: Family Bonding?

Generation 3 Chapter 18

My first thought is that she was taking a selfie next to the broken toilet but since she’s not in her disguise that’s unlikely.

Another Harvestfest.  How did I manage to get all of my saves in the fall?  It wasn’t intentional.

I tried to switch it up with this family.  Grand breakfast instead.

And instead of gnomes, they’ll be inviting guests.  Luna’s complaining to Allen that she’ll have to wear her disguise all day.  No gnomes because I actually have them hidden all over this house and I surely don’t want them moving!

Oh look, the scarecrow is alive.

Kimberly’s husband Jonah brought in their son Emmet in to say hello to grandpa.  It’s crazy to think he’s a grandfather but at the same time, this generation feels like it’s dragged on forever with the whole curse thing taking up most of his young adult years.

This girl, Camryn, on the couch with Luna and Kimberly is from Girls Club.  Not to be mean, but she aged up looking kinda weird.  Maxwell, you’ve seen as a teen a few times.

I think they all agree with me on this.  See how Khloe and Judy are looking at her?

Allen tried to convince everyone that the scarecrow came to life and was next to him.  They all humored him.

Such cuteness.  The teen standing with them is Darrin from Boys Club.  I suppose I should rename the clubs to something more adult sounding.

A few chapters back this teen, Tetsu, seemed into Addison so she invited him.  He was a total jerk and she asked him to leave.

Yea?  No, just go.

I saw Jonah lurking over here.

Dangit he’s a klepto?  If he stole anything I don’t know because I can’t remember what all was up by the front door.

Luna seemed to have quite a bit of attention.

Well, that’s one out of the running.  Not that he really was.  I like him having the goofy sunglasses and if she got with him I’d have to remove them.

I need to find a better spot for that radio.  Although, the hallway is wide enough for screenshots I suppose.

Emmett was just standing in here alone looking cute.  At least I know he’s not stealing things like his daddy!

Awe!  I see things are still going strong between Judy and Jeff.  It didn’t occur to me until now that their triplets weren’t there!  I had each of the family members invite 2 or 3 guests and whoever was in charge of inviting them must not have!

After all of the guests left Luna was still annoyed about the whole disguise thing.

Khloe did another upgrade on the weather machine.

Talon haunted.

I thought oh how nice he’s cooking a meal for his family.  Nope.

He must have woken up Addison.


Leftover grand breakfast.

Luna’s in a better mood.

Allen’s learning to cook and look… new windows out to the garden have been added!

I still don’t understand why I’d added this room next but darnit they’re going to use it!

Yay!  Well done Terrence.

These poor confused elders that are always coming into their house…

There must be a nursing home nearby.

Gideon and Luna got home from school miserable.  Addison didn’t go since her birthday is soon and she doesn’t need good grades since she won’t be getting a job.

Gideon, on the other hand, will be getting a job.

Luna was feeling playful so she made faces in the mirror.  I don’t think there’s any benefit from that other than the satisfaction points.

I thought Allen could learn some fishing to stock the fridge for cooking.

As much as I love them, I don’t think this family would appreciate another cowplant.

Fish are too smart eh?

Go burn some things then.

This house is so big it’s a miracle I saw Moonbeam scratching.

She hangs her head in shame.

Yay!  Spice festival.  They brought along a few others.

He’s quite a bit older than her so I don’t know?  He’s always seemed to have been attached to her so I guess we’ll see what the future brings.

Addison managed to keep down the flames.  I wonder what shirt I’ll need to re-add to her wardrobe?

Ah, siblings.

Kimberly had a chat with Gideon.

They all seemed impressed by the street performer.  Stop wasting your money on tipping!

This boy, Masato, was painting graffiti and Luna went over to introduce herself.

Luna: I’m clumsy.

Masato: I think I’m in love.

Don’t mind us, just your everyday siblings!  Nothing strange here.

Dion got off work and managed to pass the challenge!

Allen randomly started yelling at Luna!  Masato looked like he was about to intervene.  I just sent him home.  I looked later and autonomous mean wasn’t disabled in MCCC anymore.  Weird.  I have to have that and mischief disabled for the autonomy mod.  Which I’m thinking of removing.

Terrance keeps strange hours since he works nights so he was sleeping when they left and when he arrived he went to the karaoke bar for a drink so Khloe went in to sit with him.

Vampire singing karaoke.  Creepy.

And Luna had a go at it as well.

She was cute.  I’d say keep practicing but I seriously hate it when sims sing so… don’t.

Chapter 3.19

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