TS2→ Awesimsauce Legacy 1.3: Like Royalty

Generation 1 Chapter 3

Yes, might be nice having the husband live with the wife.

Geeze guys!  He moved in and they went directly here.

Looking at that horrid bathroom reminded me that Perry needs new clothing.

No quick trip into CAS in this game.  It’s pretty fun shopping though!

This is what he had in his inventory!  I couldn’t find anything on the legacy rules about it so it just sat there.

He actually did have a high-level career but he wants to become head of the SCIA and I always try to follow their lifetime wants unless they’re ridiculous.


He got the job and they were like oh yea be here in an hour… at least he got a promotion!

He’s not the only one that was promoted!

So much better than that silly robe.  Also, notice that he’s now donning the generational blue.

Penguin:  They didn’t finish the snowman!  This is a crime!  Someone call the police!  They should be locked up!

The bed woohoo did not result in a pregnancy.  They went to this casino-type-place but for whatever reason, I took no screenshots!

Just this.  Yes, [insert soon-to-be-scarred-for-life child’s name here] you were conceived in a photo booth.

Penguin: A photo booth!  How scandalous!

Perry got another promo.

Ah, the thrill of married life.

Oh, that’s so much better.  LOL!

Look whose baby belly popped!  Also, look she was able to wear her underwear still!

Perry?  Look!  Underwear!  No?

Apparently, I’m the only one excited about this.

And her dress!  It must be something in the CC.  This is not how it’s normally done.

Mmm… spaghetti.

Gasp!  Oh no!  Also, I forgot to paint the new addition.

The chess table?  But that’s brand new!

The games table?  Umm… take it.

Perry: Yes, he’s in my house right now.  Yes, just feet from where I’m standing.  No, I don’t think he sees me.

This was hilarious!

After they were reimbursed for the stolen items (Why don’t they just give them back?  Obviously he still had them since he hadn’t left the lot!) Zafre jumped out of bed, changed into her dress, popped into her next trimester, and cried?  Hopefully, that’s just hormones.

I love how they cuddle in Sims 2 and 3.

I ended up putting her into her actual maternity clothes… not sure why?  I’m actually glad they don’t work in this game.  It’s hell keeping their needs up during pregnancy.  Pinstar informed me that this was by design.  Interesting.  So, since she couldn’t work she chatted with friends.

And then, as couples normally do, she gossiped about them.  Then it was time for the birth!  Let’s watch…


They uh cough suddenly grew hair and were dressed.  Hooray!  Awe look, he’s thinking of his sister!

He being Byzantium and she being Magenta.  Let me tell you what!  I had a horrible time finding names for these two!  Okay, for Byz, not Magenta.  There are plenty of purple-themed girls names.  The only ones I could find for boys were the ones I’d used the last time I did this challenge!  Finally, I settled on Byzantium and will use Byz for short.  Sheesh!  Perhaps I should plan ahead for generation black.

After the long process of finding names, I looked to see what I had that was purple for the nursery and was dismayed to find that I had nothing.  So, I decided to do it another day.  This is about a week real time later.

Generation Two
Color: Purple
Challenge: Magic & Royalty

In many cultures, purple represents a position of royalty. In others purple often represents magic. In this generation, your sims will be treated like royalty and have their needs met as though they were a king or queen. Furthermore, because this is the purple generation your heir must dabble in the magical arts.

  • Must fulfill at least one want per day for each sim
  • Heir must be witch/warlock (when they hit teen)

Sorry guys, no heir poll for this one.  I have plans!

Chapter 1.4 coming soon! (Well, whenever I have the urge to play TS2 again.)

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