TS4→ Robinson Legacy 4.7: Spooky Birthday

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 4 Chapter 7
Score 57

I finally remembered to get the elder selfie for Baylee and Moose.  I love these two!

Don’t you just love it when your toddler wakes up practically starving but insists on carrying their food to the furthest point in the house to eat?  (That was said in my sarcastic voice if you couldn’t tell.)

Liza randomly decided to try out the rock wall.  She didn’t do well.  I don’t think she’s ever used it before this.

There you go, a much better use of your time.  I swear the thinking skill is so hard to get up even with help!  There are blocks and flash cards and the tablet but as far as I know, that’s it.  And then you have this huge addicting jungle gym for imagination and movement!

Baylee was sick.  Everyone keeps getting sick.

Such a cutie.  It’s easier just to leave the food right next to the bed so they don’t need to leave the nursery to eat!

Having a chat with mommy Heaven.

What are you doing, Liza?

Go be useful, read to your great-niece.

Ah, the shower!  Ohmygosh they were driving me crazy all trying to leave the house thinking about mopping a puddle.  Finally, I found Kellie down here in the mad science lab about to mop.

They had a Spooky Day/Birthday party.  Unfortunately, the toddlers have only three costumes.  Two really because how can you count their PJs as a costume?  It was Christmas elves or Christmas trees.  They were elves.

Which is really quite adorable so I suppose I don’t mind.

This llamacorn is grandpa Moose.  The other is Wolfgang’s wife Miranda that you may remember from On Their Own.

There was an abundance of cheerleaders.

Did we all plan to match?  Because this is creepy.



Ella’s bestie Duke, aka the girl’s bio-dad, was there and I discovered that your sims can ask other sims for candy!  Not sure if it was a Spooky Day thing or a Spooky Party thing?

As you can see, a second birthday cake had to be made because someone cough Liza took a piece of the first.

I thought it would be fun to have Wolfgang and his little family along occasionally.

Boogie down!

I saw movement and realized that this is Ava’s son, Brenton!

See?  Cheerleaders.  I should get Ace and Gulliver married now that he’s no longer a teen I suppose.  I already married Nico and Jia.

Isabeau was sooo close to getting maxed Imagination skill.  See?  It’s so much more fun maxing this skill!

Ohmygosh and look!  Wolfgang and Miranda’s son Amadeus toddled up hours into the party!  I’d say this is because the toddlers shouldn’t technically be able to be invited to this party type but this happened when they threw a toddler playdate as well.  After this, I use the teleporter to bring them straight to the house.

So cute!

And look!  Our founding couple arrived to join in on the fun.  Yes, it was that late.  Due to some issues they didn’t start as early as I’d have liked.

Impromptu grandma hugs.

Everyone was getting tired so let’s see what our Isabeau looks like.

She aged up into a costume!  I could not stop laughing!

Swoosh was floating.  Everyone got tense.  It’s a Spooky Party this is good!

And then the cornucopia was floating as well.  When they aren’t breaking everything in the house ghosts are quite fun to have around.

Ugh.  Kellie go to bed!  Why does everyone default to sleeping either in the hot tub or the tent at the far end of the lot?!

Oh yes.  This is when Ava’s daughter, Shayna arrived.  Lovely.  Thanks, game.

I’ve just realized I took a lot of pics of this one party!

Oh, that’s right, Heaven had nicked off at some point to sleep and was the only one awake after the party ended so I made her clean up everything.  Mostly.  Next time I got into their save there was still a mess!

Awe!  So sweet!

Isabeau was sad about a bad Spooky Day!  How fair is it that she aged up right before the holiday ended and was sad!

She made her displeasure known.

And a little more… in case someone in the house didn’t hear.

Perhaps Brynn felt it was safer outside?  More likely she just wanted to torture me by going all the way out here to eat.


I moved the spare’s selfie wall over because it’s hard to see in the hallway.

I was looking everywhere for them and found them under the stairs.  I had to teleport them out!

I really didn’t see the appeal of super sell until this moment.

I realized that, yet again, the aspiration had thwarted me!  She has to cook the 3 meals at a dinner party!

Remember in the last chapter that MCCC married Nova’s widower, Marvin to freaking Santa the day she died?  Well, I sent Baylee over there to remedy that.  I made Father Winter… whatever he’s named in this save… forget all relationships and then flagged him no marriage, no babies, and no affairs!  He’s supposed to be a mythical person, not someone you see jogging down the road!

That rant over, let’s move on to the next.  The way I did the Reunion chapter was frankly stupid looking back.  What I should have done was moved them all into this save, had them all meet, made a separate save, and did the reunion in it.  By moving the main family into the YOTO save they never technically met anyone!  And I couldn’t get the mod that allows you to invite sims you don’t know to a party to work!  So, I started sending Baylee around to meet them.  Which is why the party started so late.  Jia set the grill on fire and I rage quit until someone on Twitter suggested I check for a conflict with the mod.  There was one.  Sheesh!

Oh, thanks.  Just what we need as a party is starting.

I told Kellie to give her boyfriend Marcus a kiss.  Next thing I know she’s insulting him.  I suppose we shouldn’t expect much from her.


See?  So close!


Brynn was literally the only one in the household to complete the holiday.  I believe that it was because there were no other traditions for toddlers beyond wearing a costume.

It cracked me up when I saw this on the fridge!  We just might have to at some point.

Chapter 4.8

A/N: No review since this wasn’t even two full days, nobody worked, and nothing actually changed from last chapter other than Isabeau getting that point in Imagination!

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