TS4→ Random Legacy II 3.19: Breaking the Bank

Generation 3 Chapter 19

We left off in the previous chapter with them at the Spice Festival.  They were all still out front when I started up the game and Terrance was immediately abducted when I unpaused the game!

As soon as he fell asleep, Moonbeam woke up Gideon.

Blaze haunted.  Not sure what that face is about.

Terrance was exhausted and I found him out here napping.  Maybe the sound of the many fountains is soothing?

Boys & Girls Club Gathering: Bowling Again…

Even with changing the number of rounds, it still takes forever.  They’re all getting pretty good so it’s not really funny anymore.  I have no idea why the night-time bowling suddenly turned on since it was early afternoon.  They just stayed for the round and left.

Addison & Gideon’s Birthday Dinner…

First, I couldn’t get the gallery to show me the people I follow so I could look for a restaurant so I had to use this.  Which was very nice.  Lots of room inside and out.  I did have to edit the tables to fit their HUGE party.  But, I’d made 6-seaters instead of 8!  As you can see, Maxwell couldn’t sit with the boys club.

Allen ordered an interesting meal.

Addison already acting all adult.

Kimberly’s husband Jonah got stuck sitting at a side table as well.  I didn’t even notice him until almost the end!

The dinner out was for both Addison and Gideon but his birthday is technically the day after this.

Allen and Gideon stayed seated and just sang and threw confetti from there.  I don’t blame them!

She looks… exactly the same.  I really need to give her and Gideon makeovers.  I did Allen’s so I’m not sure why they didn’t get them.

The whole freaking restaurant joined in on the singing.

It was Spooky Day.  I’d just had the Spooky Birthday party in Robinson Legacy so I surely didn’t want to repeat that.  First task, costumes.

Second, pumpkin carving.

Third, summon their family from their graves for some spooky spirit… literally.

Not everyone had met them so that was fun.  Grandpa Talon doesn’t look too interested in whatever Addison is talking about.

I just noticed that the cat in the background looks like she’s all tiny and sitting on the pumpkin carving table!

A pale pumpkin for Luna… of course!

Telling a story to Blaze in the greenhouse.

Why are they always angry?  I thought Terrance had to work but it was technically still the holiday since he’s scheduled at 1am.


In this big house, I’m constantly losing Moonbeam.

Allen getting a bit of fishing skill and stocking the fridge.

Why do sims with no cooking skill keep insisting on cooking???

She looks so wistful.

Allen chatting with his “friend.”

Addison has already written a few books but now her task begins full-force.  Freelance author!

Gideon preparing for his job interview at a tech firm.  His dream is to be a start-up entrepreneur.

Just a little brother/sister bonding while waiting for Gideon’s cake.

Allen!  Really?  You’re supposed to be better than this!

And he broke the stove.  You were supposed to be making the cake.

Mmm… honeycake!

I guess it was so good they didn’t need to talk?

Gideon’s room was updated with a new bed and end tables with lamps.

Likewise for Addison’s.  I really love the color scheme.

As Terrance was leaving for work, this vampire that had bitten Allen was leaving.  Yea you go!  I swear those garlic braids do nothing.

Dion giving Gideon the evil eye after he thinks now that he’s an adult he can just fix the teapot himself with no handiness skill!

And Terrance finally topped the criminal Oracle career!!!

Not sure what this look was about but it was funny.

He was super tense.  How about a celebratory woohoo.

Allen getting a bit of fitness skill.

But then Dion got the bills.  And realized with Terrance, Khloe, and himself aging to elder soon and Allen not able to work they were leaving the kids in a tight spot.  Luna has dreams of going into social media and traveling to the jungle.  Anything she brings home will increase the bills.  And it’s not fair to ruin her dreams because he’d wanted to escape the house that had been cursed so much that he moved his family to an incomplete mansion that they could barely afford.  These bills took their entire savings and he still had to sell some things to afford them.  It was time to move.

The new house is much smaller but with it being one-story it’s more liveable.

It has an open floor plan.  Living room…

The entryway…

The gigantic nursery was consolidated into this tiny space off of the living room so that they can keep track of the babies and toddlers needs.  I was very sad giving up that nursery.

Kitchen and dining.  The old tables were sold and replaced with this big one.  There’s a built-in bookshelf to the left!  It was originally just going to be a closet but when I was trying to find space for a bookshelf it was perfect!

I’m quite proud of this little hallway…

That gnome fits in perfectly there.  I had a heck of a time trying to find spots for all the gnomes in a smaller house!

Moving on to the bedrooms.  I’d thought of making one big office space for them all to share but the problem with that is everyone needs different emotional auras.  So, I put a desk in each room.  They all would have been secluded in offices alone in the old house anyway.  Terrance and Khloe’s…



Luna was the only one that got new furniture considering that Addison and Gideon had just gotten theirs.

Again, a closet was supposed to go in the little space but after making the built-in for the kitchen I thought of this.

Allen’s room is smaller than the others and he didn’t get a computer.  He’ll have to borrow one of the others or maybe he can get a tablet.

Dion also had one of the would-have-been-closet notches which worked out quite well considering he wouldn’t have had room for his workspace otherwise…

And finally, the backyard.  I didn’t really do much with the outside since it’s all covered in snow anyway.  I’m actually in love with this house so it was a good trade in the end.

The money left.  I think this gives them a good cushion.  I also had to make an inaccessible basement for all of the stuff I couldn’t find a place for in the house so it’s not clogging up the family inventory.


Restaurant info in case you’re interested.  It had a great layout and the food came out with no problems.  I did edit the menu to add some of the foods that have come with newer packs.

Random nude elder when they got to the restaurant.

I’d originally built the house on the lot where the first house had been.  But then I looked at it in map view and realized the lot is really small!

So I put that house back.  I added the gen 2 house back as well.  I removed anything from the third house that they’d used in the new one.  So in this little neighborhood, we have 1,2,3,4!

They brought everything so this is what it looked like when they arrived.  It took me 6 hours from start to finish on this build.  Not bad I suppose.

I had a complete meltdown on Twitter over this.  I seriously bawled.

Aaaand moments later… the gym and all of their savings were gone.

I had to take Blaze into CAS to remove the goofy glasses and earrings the game gave him along with his cold weather clothing.

A/N:  I’m so sorry that this chapter is so long.  I just really didn’t want to put the new house stuff into the next chapter.

Chapter 3.20


  1. I like that the house – it looks like it’s very functional which is my top priority when building – and I don’t really like big houses because it’s harder to keep track of everyone the bigger the house is 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • The mansion was my dream since Sims 4 came out with the emotional auras. All items linked to emotions were in the same room. Which made the downstairs really cool. But, I’d never finished the upstairs and was missing several rooms they couldn’t afford. I really love this new house so it’s all good. I also love how even though they are all in their rooms working on the computers a lot it feels like they spend more time together.

      Liked by 1 person

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