TS4→ Drifter Reboot 001.5: Winter & Spring Review

House 001 Chapter 5

We left off with Alvetta and Neo learning that she was pregnant again.  And who can blame them for wanting another when you have this cuteness around?

They went to the flea market but didn’t stay very long because I realized that Febe was in labor.  A few hours later she gave birth to a girl I named Pillar short for Caterpillar.

Life with one tiny bathroom.

Toddler Cricket Cuteness…

End Cuteness.

They finally got a second bathroom meaning the shower was no longer in their bedroom!  I drew out the walls for the rooms but then ran out of simoleans.

And, as you can see, it’s almost Winterfest!

But first, we have a very special day!  It’s Cricket’s birthday.  Oberon can’t believe that I invited along everyone else’s pets.

Lena showed up in labor!

I had to make her and Brock leave.  Sheesh!  They had a son a bit after this I named Ant.

Time to see our girl!

Well, after everyone sings.

There she is!

Look at the mischief in her eyes!

Looks like I chose well for Febe.


My first tree decorating!

LOL!  She doesn’t look like she cares.

Maybe she was too tired to care?  Nobody pay any mind to the passed out pregnant lady!

She finally went to bed and then woke up shortly after to give birth to another girl… Bee!

Now that the pregnancy is over Neo takes over Bee’s care.

Cricket was sad meeting her new sibling.

I was finally able to do the mistletoe kiss in context.

Brock invited them to his house for Winterfest.

Neo carried in little Pillar who is now a toddler.

And then gave crying Ant a bottle.


He also cooked the grand meal.

Which both Brock and Lena ignored.

More cuteness.

When they got home Oberon was in need of some attention.

While he was out walking I noticed that the tree didn’t look bright so I selected light tree.  He returned and sure did light the tree!

Just then father winter arrived!

Cricket was smart and routed to safety.

And moments later she was joined by Santa.

Who was so stressed by the whole thing he needed a tea to calm his nerves.  Just make yourself at home buddy.

But hey we were generously rewarded with a new slablet!!!

If she’d have kept this up I would have locked her out of the room I swear.

Although, it didn’t make much sense to keep the baby all the way downstairs.  Neo’s making a mathematical diagram.  I had to buy a focusing lamp!  I never buy those but I forgot to get some elements made.

There we go!

It was a relief to age up Bee!

I have so many pictures like this from Drifters.  It’s so much easier to have them bring the food to the toddler and then eat some themselves.

Brock still haunts the door.  And when it’s not him it’s one of the others.  I usually make them leave.  But, this was so cute.

As is this!

And this.

And this as well.  Look!  Ant’s a toddler!

Such a cutie.

They all are really.

First triplet…

Second triplet…

Third triplet!

So cool having this big family!

Speaking of big families.  The next day was Drifter Day!  They all went out to brunch before heading to the graveyard.

Neo met the original Brock and Febe.

And then called the others to meet them as well.

But the street was where the real action was.  Drifters as far as the eye can see!

Cricket got to meet her grandma Rayven!

And then it was Alvetta’s turn to age to adult.

It looked like she was pointing to the ghost walking past the window.

Neo looks like he’s meditating trying to find a peaceful center.  Keep trying Neo!

Sister cuteness!


Thankfully, we can have the adults take them to bed.  Unfortunately, I keep forgetting!


Oh geeze.  You know, if you weren’t lurking at the door 24/7.

I suppose that’s one way to get them to leave.

Neo was really struggling to keep his needs up.  He used moodlet solvers more than once.

Not that it was all bad.  Just… chaotic.

For example… the dog rolling in a puddle of sparking electricity.

As usual, Oberon was roaming the neighborhood.  When I looked to see what he was up to I saw this jerk yelling at him!

Oh hell no you don’t mess with my dog!  This is probably the only time Neo has ever been mean.


More cuteness.

And then it was Bee’s turn to age up!


Hugs all around.

Wondering who the big white dog is?  Well, I have death for pets notifications turned on in MCCC and when a bunch of them started dying I worried that Febe and Brock’s families pets would pass on as well with no heirs.  So, I used show sim info to check it out and Febe’s dog Apollo had 4 pups.  One of them is this white dog Sadie.  Brock’s cats were more complicated.  The orange cat Elvis did have a daughter Clover who I moved in and then used play with genetics with their other cat Flash to make their new kitten named El Macho because of his mustache.

Alvetta’s gotten better about spending time with the girls now that they’re both children.

Back to the birthday at hand, Bee was the first to get her own finished room!  Cricket’s I left until she aged to teen.

At the start of spring, I’d planted strawberries.  Alvetta occasionally helps with the gardening.  Not that there’s much.

Awe!  Using her little desk.

Sister cuteness.

As per usual, the family kept hanging out on the doorstep.  First was Edwardo…

Then Febe…

Since her parents were here Neo called and invited Pillar.  And then Lena showed up soon after that.

Yes, I got the teeny tiny penguin TV just for gaming.

Telling the girls a group story.

Pillar stayed after everyone else had left since she’d been invited.


Oberon:  Hey!  What dogs are you painting there?!  That should be a painting of me!

And we’ve hit our goal of §30,000 already.  There’s still a lot that I want to do to the house at this point.

If you’re interested in the pics not used in the chapter.

(There are a lot.  They aren’t in order.  It took so long moving them from Flickr I didn’t have the energy.)

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