TS4→ Random Legacy II 3.20: Easy Come Easy Go

Generation 3 Chapter 20

I’ve started giving all of my sims what I call “lounge around the house” winter wear.  It’s working well although they don’t immediately change into it after a shower.  Luna looks adorable in that cat sweater.  Especially playing with Moonbeam.

Despite my absolute temper tantrum over them moving and subsequently building a new house I’m absolutely loving it.  Allan has insisted on taking over the cooking duties.  Which is why they’re eating breadsticks for dinner.

Terrance was on his way out the door for work when it popped up to celebrate his birthday and I had to make him stay home to blow out his candles.  Allen cooked him a hamburger cake.  I’m sure he appreciated that.

As handsome as ever.

Most of them had already been in bed and so once Terrance left they were wide awake so played a few rounds of MySims Racing before heading back to bed.

Luna, on the other hand, spent most of that time on the computer chatting with Masato.

She was scratching the couch although you wouldn’t know it by the fact that she’s now on the table.

Mmm… fish pie.


Khloe begins upgrading the new washing machine.  I should have had her upgrade the dryer first!

So, that’s no fishing for Allen then?

The fireplace was next.  Although, I’ve had one catch on fire despite the upgrade.  Autolight is nice in the winter and I’ll take the lesser fire chances over not upgrading any day!

I just love it when they autonomously do this!

But, fun over, Luna has someone to meet.

She walks down the street to the playground to meet with Masato.

She’s absolutely smitten.  Not sure about him though.

Gideon?  What the heck are you doing showing up after work at the old house… and in your everyday clothing?!

Tree decorating time.  I learned that you cannot use moveobjects on the tree.

The animation is cute.  I just wish it was different for the different decorations.  They use these bulbs for everything.  Even the tree topper.

Oh, I see how it is!  Not so keen on the fish pie after all!

More staying up late chatting with Masato.

Terrance arrives home from work and has a chat with his father-in-law while he eats.

Creepy bookshelf haunting.

It took some time for everyone to wake up Winterfest morning.

Slowly they all piled into the room.  Luna’s doing the belly laugh.

Now Terrance.  It’s a really cute interaction.

Present time!

Wow!  Umm… I’d say they’re trying to get her out of the house but she’s the heir and nobody’s leaving this generation.

I’ve never actually seen a sim take a picture of something.  It’s always selfies.

I love this family!

The little speaker outside was broken.  It probably can’t be outside.  Although, I thought this little space here was technically a covered room.  Anyway, everyone with no handiness skill kept going out to try and fix it!  Finally, I stuck it into the family inventory.

Allen insisted on cooking the grand meal.

You know they’re already sitting there, right?

Moonbeam: Fish for me, yes?  (Why do I picture her with a Russian accent?  LOL!)

I have the feeling that Gideon is ready for his sister to just grow up already.  The plate is on the floor because I was trying to find a way to share the meal with Moonbeam.  It didn’t work.

No scratching!

They all look so serious.

Luna had been up most of the night chatting with Masato so after a shower she took a nap.

I really have no idea what they were doing!  It was hilarious whatever it was.

Masato called and invited Luna to have a coffee.

She didn’t stay long before she had to rush home.  Sadly, she still didn’t make it home in time for father winter.

Sneaking around is really getting to her so when Masato asked if he could come over she agreed to ask her dad.

Who said yes.

Everyone was nice to him but kept giving sideways glances.

Especially dad.

Okay, mostly dad.

But, I suppose he had nothing to worry about.  Masato went outside and Luna followed him.  When she tried to flirt again he totally freaked out!

She was so embarrassed.

The poor girl.  She asked him to leave before breaking down crying.

Addison came out with the whole I’m-an-adult-now trying to give advice thing.  Luna wasn’t hearing her.

She decided to just go for a jog to clear her mind.

And then a shocking thing happened!  Gideon caught on fire!  They’d literally used that dryer once.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that is the first load inside of it that he’d turned on.

They always look so bad-ass putting out fires.

Gideon panicked and decided that he also needed to route to safety despite being on fire.  Thankfully, it was extinguished.

Luna, who’d still been out for her jog, saw her family all standing outside and ran home.

Hearing what happened she gave a tight hug to dad.  She realized in that moment that boys aren’t all that important.  Family is what’s important.

Allen: Why hast thou forsaken me, dryer?


I loathe the set table interaction but this is taking it too far.  As soon as I canceled one another popped up!

Umm… who?

Okay, thanks for sending him a toy… whoever you are.

Why are you at school on Winterfest?

I’d like to see what happens if you do this!

She’d just eaten so I figured coffee.  It never came.

Pfft!  Jerk!

I was like what???

Yes, brilliant idea.  Route to safety while on fire!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… sims are idiots.  When I notice them I change them to their winterwear with MC Dresser.

Everyone kept going into each other’s bedrooms to use the computer when I told them to use their own.  Addison had even gone as far as to view the inspired work in her room and then walk across the house to her uncle’s room to use the computer!  So, I locked the doors.  And kept telling Addison to go back to her room.  When she couldn’t I kept moving things around in her room thinking she couldn’t get to it.  She couldn’t because… I’d locked her in there!  LOL!

Chapter notes:  So, that’s not exactly how I’d planned things to go with Luna but I think it turned out better this way so, in the end, I’m pleased.  Sims always find a way to add their spin on things.

Chapter 3.21


    • Moonbeam is awesome. I’m so glad that they moved because in the big house I barely saw her!
      The lounge wear is nice and has saved them a shocking amount of money not running the thermostat but I wouldn’t suggest this option to anyone that doesn’t have MC Dresser due to the fact that you’d constantly need to make them stop what they’re doing to change them to that outfit.


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