TS4→ Random Legacy II 3.21: Renaissance Sim!

Generation 3 Chapter 21

As always when I start up a save, I got everyone that was home working on whatever tasks need doing.  I saw that Dion needs level 8 charisma if he ever gets to the top of the Comedian career and he was only a sliver away so had him work on that.  And almost immediately this popped up!  Might not be a big deal to you but I was in utter shock.  I have never finished this aspiration!

Look at all the books he can write!  I’m not sure if they’re any better than skill books but somehow having the book written by a family member sounds a lot better than writing jokes for hours or talking to the mirror!  Plus, it’s one guidebook instead of 3 skill books.

I noticed that there were some harvestable plants outside and since some had somehow disappeared from the fridge a few chapters ago I had him grab them.  Then apply mite treatment for his bees.  Which took him most of the day since he’d walk a step, look to see in the blizzard, walk another step, slip and fall, and on and on.

Seeing-as-how Allen was unable to walk 4 feet I decided it was better not to send Khloe into the rocket and had her do some more upgrading.

And Dion got started on a Comedy book for Luna.

And, as always, Addison wrote.  Which lead to this…

Guess it’s the day for milestones!

Allen has the Nerd Brain aspiration so he read some books for that.  Khloe upgraded.

Luna’s home!

And just in time.  Dad just finished her Comedy guidebook.

I’ve decided that if they insist on setting the table I’ll be a step ahead of them and make them use a setting I prefer.  Plus it helps with character traits.

Taking a break from writing to give luvin’ to the little meow.

Gideon got promoted.

And then immediately started to make his way out to the observatory.  Suddenly they all wanted to use it… in a blizzard.  I had to put it in the household inventory.

Sims haunting objects crack me up.

What’s up kitty?

Moonbeam is a cool cat and even more so because she’s weird looking.

You’d think his work outfit would look odd on him as an elder but no.

I love watching them paw at trash.

It was finally nice out.  Khloe was able to take a break from the constant upgrading to go on space missions and Allen made something on the woodworking table for his aspiration.

He was putting up the New Year’s decorations when yet another freaking elder wandered into the house!

He’d been slowly gathering laundry from all of the hampers before he started the wash and so I was pretty ticked off that this wacko started it!

I’d already had to lock everyone else out of Luna’s room because they were all obsessed with putting her new book on the shelf!

I can only imagine she thinks she’s some sort of maid.  Prior to this, they usually just wander around and then leave.  I was so annoyed I made her leave.

I tried having him put the stuff on the floor and then add it to the wash but he put it into a hamper and the only option was to dry.  Whatever.

What that stupid woman didn’t understand is that I was saving those plates for Luna to clean up.  Also, look, now Allen is trying to put that book away!  He’s the only other one besides Moonbeam with access to her room.

I decided to try and get her the Empathy trait and since Allen really has nothing to do at the moment he tagged along to volunteer.

Vroom!  Moonbeam is off to explore!

So funny!

Pretty sky pic.

Practicing more jokes, Dion?  It’s funny he’s so far ahead on that career considering he had 4 others before it.

Freaking-A!  This guy wasn’t even an elder.  I didn’t even wait to see what he did.  I just made him leave.

New Year’s spirit.

Dad’s birthday!

Sorry, Dion.  Circle of life and all that.

Another handsome elder.

Waiting for the countdown to midnight.

I realized that, like the Christmas tree, you can’t do the countdown with a TV placed with moveobjects.

I really like the countdown.  I’ve seen it in a few YouTube videos and it seemed goofy but seeing it for myself I’ve changed my mind.

See?  They all hug and kiss.  And fireworks come out of the TV.  It’s cool.

Well, that technically is cold weather wear… just his inside stuff.  It’s spring, not sure how long that’ll last buddy.

Wow.  Not long at all.  Which is weird because in my Drifter save it’s part-way through spring in Willow Creek and still has snow on the ground.

I really didn’t want to do the bowling again for a club activity, which I realized they missed the day before.  So they went to the gym since Luna and Allen will need activity skill for the Jungle and hey being fit isn’t a bad thing regardless.  Although, Luna’s a freaking beanpole already.

When making that decision I didn’t remember that Addison is lazy.

Allen seemed fine.  Aunt Khloe came along since her resolution was to get fit.

More Maxwell looking at and thinking of Luna.

I finally gave that weird-looking girl a makeover.  Just new hair, eyelashes, and taking away that godawful lip gloss and she looks great!

Not sure why so many of them focused on basketball.

Ouch!  Near the end, I had Addison and Luna go volunteering again since she was really close to getting that trait and Addison was miserable.

Then, they all headed back to the restaurant for yet another birthday party.  Upon arriving there the last teens in the group aged up simultaneously… which was weird.

Luna zeroed in on chatting with cousin Ti-Ning for some reason.

I got them less expensive food this time.

Except for Allen.

The girl’s table never got their food.  Finally, I gave in and ordered the cake.

Due to the number of sims being stupid and ruining shots there aren’t a bunch of pics.

Hooray!  Gen 4 begins!  Finally.  I know I’ve said it many times but gen 3 has been sooo long!  I mean, you gotta think they didn’t even start doing anything beyond working on lifting the curse for half their young adult years.



The triplets aged up right before the club meeting started.

Luna’s mom died on her birthday.  Kinda freaky.

Not bad, eh?  Although, I will avoid volunteering from now on.  She lost more character values than she gained!

Yay!  I’ve never done this one.

No clue why they got bills at 3am.  But look, they went from §40,000 to a little under §4,000!

This lady came into the restaurant dressed like this.  I suppose it’s a big improvement on the naked elder last time they went!

Chapter 4.1

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