TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.1: Trending in the Jungle

Generation 4 Chapter 1

Moonbeam was staring at a slice of bread apparently begging so Allen offered it to her…

Finally!  Begging and eating food without permission are very different things.

Luna got her YA makeover.  It took 2 hours.  One for each form.  Worth it.  She’s so pretty!  Her daily task for work was just to get focused.  Kinda weird but whatever so she was done with work and reading the charisma guide that Dion had written for her.

Allen was supposed to be fishing but was instead playing in this disgusting leaf pile.  It’s spring… why is it there?

I decided to go to manage worlds and mess with Selvorada a bit and when I got back to them nobody was doing what I’d had them doing!  These large families like theirs and the Robinsons take a lot more time since I have to queue up to 8 sims to do stuff.  I was not pleased.

Even Allen, who was fishing, was running home to wash the plate that his uncle was already washing.  Did my sims somehow gain ESP?  How did he know halfway across the neighborhood that there was a dirty dish?

I’ve never actually done the social media career before.  And I’ve never really messed with the charisma computer social bonuses so I had no clue how to gain her followers and such.

Yet again, I almost forgot a birthday.  Khloe doesn’t seem pleased that she’ll be aging to elder soon.

Another honeycake now that the bees are awake again.

Sorry, Khloe.  Even Moonbeam is up high watching the show.

Best friends even in death.  I miss these two.  So many people don’t seem to understand my love of ghosts.

Looks like I need to give the vamps that I’d made some seasonal clothing.

I was pretty upset that he’d chosen Luna.

But, the garlic is at the front door.  Why are you just now noticing it?

Umm… bye?

Oh Luna, just go back to bed and sleep it off.

Poor girl.  But… she was moving so?

Awe cuteness.

I realized that this computer in their room is actually the one that Terrance got as a career reward and so is not upgraded.

Sending the bees to get a gift.

They’re fast.  I really have no idea what to do with the gifts though so I suppose it’s pointless unless I want to try and finish another collection or something.

Luna’s tasks for the day.  From “become focused” to this?  Luckily, it was quite quick since she was near the top of both skills because she had plans…

Yep!  I figure she might as well get the most out of these early weeks when the house is full and she can’t have any children.  Plus, she’s not even close to being in a relationship yet.

I didn’t think until later that I’d forgotten to change Allen into his jungle outfit.  This time I had them purchase everything that was available.  Except for the water in a bottle.  I realized watching TamzPlayz Runaway in the Jungle that they’ll just autonomously use it constantly.  The plan after this is to use whatever they get to fund more supplies and remove anything beyond that.

Luna’s fanbase that she’d gained on her first trip to the jungle as a teen are demanding an encore.

Her skill really wasn’t high enough for the chance card thing.  After this, I had Allen clearing the path.  Which was a mistake because it didn’t count for her aspiration with him doing it.

Luna: Go ahead Allen, just going to take some pictures.

Allen was attacked by bats.


I also learned from Tamz that the emotion berries are extremely useful.

Luna got an even better shot of the jungle from the cliff.

And was then attacked by bees!

Really not the best place to be running around like that, Luna!

Seriously?  She was poisoned by the bees!

She took advantage of her predicament to gain some sympathy from her fans.

It’s fine.  She has plenty of time.  LOL!

Treasure chest!  I had to pay close attention to this and make sure I write down the money.  I did come up with the idea later that I can write down the before and after funds before they leave.

Another curse!

Luna: One minute Allen, just gotta check in at the temple.  Let everyone know I made it.

Allen took the time to grab some items from the garden boxes.

I’d written down their skills before they left so that I could quickly know who would be better suited to inspect the different puzzles.

I’ve never seen Allen look so serious.

Quick selfie with the temple guardian (or whatever it’s called) before insulting his crumbling stone.

Luckily that was the right option.

Nice umbrella there, buddy.

After insulting the guardian above she was blessed with a personal sun.  Being cured would have been more helpful.  The skeleton arrived to watch her.

She yet again found that the right trap was to insult the poor thing.  She did that as Allen warily watched the skeleton.  I’d wanted Luna to take a picture with the skeleton but she didn’t have the option sadly.

She was tired but they pushed forward.  I’d hoped she could find some bone dust to trade with a local for a cure.

Allen was so nervous of the skeleton he wouldn’t turn his back on it and somehow still managed to learn that this uh… thingie wouldn’t disable the trap.  Where the skeleton got a few spare arms to play bongo on his ribcage with is kinda disconcerting but it was funny.

This time there was no right answer.  Instead, there were 3 possibles!

Allen wasn’t very helpful.  She did disarm the trap on her third try.  There was no bone dust in the next chamber and since she only had 2 hours left on her curse they went home.

They actually lost money on this trip.  They’d gotten around §700 from chests but the cure cost §1,000!

That sun is so funny.  I think she was too exhausted to be bothered by it.

The next day was uneventful.  She had to get her gaming skill up.  I’d somehow overlooked that it is a skill she needs for her career so she ended up playing the entire day online with various club members.  I was a little surprised when looking through the pics and realizing this was the only one I’d taken this entire day!


After Khloe aged up it still showed her as having a birthday in a week.  Everyone on Twitter seems to think this is going to end up being the day she dies.  (The next time I logged in this wasn’t even on the calendar and she didn’t die even close to that day.)

I had to quit without saving and take out one of the population control mods because it assigned a child as a vendor!

Gideon was promoted while they were gone.

Gives a new meaning to feeling emotional, eh?



Oddly enough, those last too wrong traps didn’t have bad results.

She was promoted the day after the temple excursion.

Chapter 4.2


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