TS4→ Robinson Legacy 4.11: Goodbye Kellie… For Now

Legacy Collaboration

Generation 4 Chapter 11

Score 61

As you may recall there are 2 new holidays on the calendar.  The first of which is Elise-Navidad that was supposed to be on the day she died but obviously I have no idea what that day was and just stuck it on this date.  (Yes, I realize that the holiday name makes no sense at all.)

I had a hard time getting them to complete the goals for remembrance.  In Drifter I usually have them talk to the ghosts but didn’t want to with this.  I mean, the ghosts are constantly around.

Finally, I engraved epitaphs and had them read them.  I suppose that’s reason enough to start engraving them.

The holidays get added to based on the previous heir’s interests.  The next tradition was music spirit for Cassie so the radio was moved over for them to listen to while they ate.

The mourning made Isabeau sad and thus she had to make her upset known.  Kellie looks like she’s thinking she’s gotta get out of there.  And you shall…

That was sweet.  I was unsure about whether they should have a baby or not but decided to go ahead with it and reset Marcus’s age to the start of the adult stage as well.  I really didn’t think Kellie would be the wedding type so had them elope.  This is their new home down the road.  I absolutely love it.  It’s Modern House by SpecterCody.

The house feels weird without Kellie in it.  The girls started a kids club meeting so that they can work on their friendships since there was no school.  Brynn chatted with Liz…

And Isabeau chatted with Dakota…

And their moms took advantage of the empty house.

I completely forgot that Kellie was in the legacy club still and when Brynn started doing her homework Kellie showed up out of nowhere to help her!

I wish I would have realized earlier that they gain friendship while swinging.  Although, it’s not a lot and they don’t swing for a long period of time either.

Her face looks so intense.

Isabeau entertaining Duck-Ram.

And mommy.

She’s got an A in school anyway so she took some vacation days.  Karaoke time!  I hadn’t realized they would gain singing skill with maxed creativity!

Sorry, Brynn.

She doesn’t seem to mind.

I miss super sell.

Cousin Shayna calls practically every day wanting to come visit.  I don’t think the girls mind.

Brynn had a much higher relationship with Isabeau than anyone else so she was the obvious choice for best friend.


What the?

Heck?!  This scared the crap out of me!!!

I had Ella write a sad book for her.

Yep.  Just cry it out.  Getting low emotional control is so hard!

It keeps saying I can hire Ace as a caterer but other sims show up.  This time it was Mila.

Working on that nature badge.

Getting Heaven anywhere in that Super Parent aspiration is taking forever.  It doesn’t help that the game won’t let me change her to their other parent instead of Duke.

Love Day…

Maybe Isabeau’s imagining having her own loving relationship someday.

A little at home date fun.

Work out with your date is the weirdest task!

Isabeau was sent to fish and look it’s uncle Nico!

I miss him and Ace.

A little uncle/niece bonding.

Cousin Brenton came home from school with Brynn and they became friends.  Speaking of cousins I think it’s about time that Ace and Nico have their own as well.

It appears that making arts and crafts for the scouts badge only works on the art table that came with Seasons.  These arts tables are so frustrating to me.  Like, influence to use drawing table with Parenting skill doesn’t work on the cute ones from the pets stuff pack and now this.

Time for Isabeau’s birthday party.  I was actually a bit thrown off by the fact that sims started arriving immediately and not hours after the party started!  Cousin Tania’s new hubby Don is umm… imposing?

Liz is angry too?  Sheesh.

Cousin Frankie and Mila Munch.  So funny!  I’m thinking I might just have to give them a child to see his or her imposing nose!

The caterer never showed up and the mixologist left shortly after arriving.  I paid for them darnit!  I miss having Baylee and Liza manning the kitchen.

Brynn having a chat with Duke aka dad.  Speaking of noses I wonder if anyone with get his?

What’s up with things exploding and scaring me???

Awe sweet.  They must have gotten a babysitter for Cashew.

She does not look happy to be a teen.  Probably wondering what kind of stuff I’ll be making her do now that she couldn’t as a child.  Oh, you’ll be fine Isabeau.  LOL!


See?  They were a good match!

Well, your cousins are aliens and they aren’t in disguise sooo it’s not much of a discovery just sayin’.

A/N: With all of the aspirations that they completed I got another point in Athletic for the legacy score and before writing this I checked their net worth which is high enough to gain another point moving them to 61 points!  The really exciting thing about this is that 61 was the final score of my first scored legacy!  I went into this wondering if I could beat the score and I’ve already tied with it in gen 4!

Here’s a quick run-down of where they all are at…

Ella- Journalist level 9.  Completed aspiration and now on the final stage of Fabulously Wealthy.  At this point, she’s doing so well that I’m going to have to find some other goal for her to work on.

Heaven- Esport Gamer level 8.  On the 3rd stage of Super Parent but I think I’ll have to cheat her past it.  Programming 9 and Video Gaming 8.

Isabeau- High school B student.  Needs one last badge, the fitness one, to top scouts.  Level 6 Singing and level 4 Charisma.  Hasn’t started her Curator aspiration yet.

Brynn- Grade school A student.  Is only halfway through scouts but should be close to done by her birthday as well.

Chapter 4.12

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