TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.2: Jungle Love?

Generation 4 Chapter 2

I’ve often wondered if other people’s sims are as strange as some of mine.  I power-played though at least a week and so decided to split this into 2 parts.  Sims are never predictable and they seem to constantly ruin my plans.  I’ve had this generation planned out for about a year since I took a break there but nothing went as I’d hoped.  I suppose it might make for an entertaining story though.

Allen being Allen.

There’s a new arcade/cafe and Luna went to check it out for her followers.

She invited along some friends and family.  Kind of an impromptu club meeting without everyone attending.

She told a flirtatious joke but he didn’t flirt back.  They’ve been best friends since they were kids.  It should have been the perfect set-up.

Cousin Javon seemed concerned.  Since nothing was going as hoped she headed home.

Moonbeam is a wise kitty.  Perhaps she has advice?

It was TV premier night.  Allen was woken up to watch with the family but couldn’t see the screen.

I’m sure you have clean clothes somewhere Allen.

Talon: Why is my grandson sitting there naked?

Dion:  I’m trying to pretend he’s not and enjoy the premiers.

Moonbeam spooked by the spook?

It was Love Day and perhaps Luna’s flirtatious joke finally registered with Maxwell because he asked her on a date.

Yay confetti.

She was hungry and since he’s a vegetarian she ordered some hummus tapas to share but he stood talking to the lady in red most of the date.

She invited him to dance to gain back his attention.

She gave him a flower and got a rose back in return.

But then he said he wasn’t having a good time and left!

Embarrassed, she stayed for a little while practicing new jokes with the patrons to see if they were good enough to share with her followers.

Then, feeling defeated, she came home to take a little nap.

Terrance and Khloe have had a great relationship since they were children.  I suppose it just doesn’t work out that way for everyone.

Addison seems to keep forgetting that she has zero handiness skills.  Maybe she’s trying to impress her very handy mom.

Trying to cheer herself, Luna watched some funny videos on sim.tv.

At least someone had a good Love Day.  They’re so sweet.

When the Spice Festival started all the younger generation went to the city.  They spent hours looking for some likely sims to date but there were none.

Luna was depressed over the whole thing.  At this point, she’d been turned down by both Masato and Maxwell.  She had seen Masato in the city with his wife and toddler son.  Soon Maxwell would likely settle down as well.  Her real fear was that her father’s curse had been passed along to her.  That she’d be single forever.

So, she made her way to the wishing well at the old house.  It had given her father Kimberly and Allen.  Perhaps it could give her a love of her own?

She felt a sudden confidence she’d never felt before and also extremely flirty.  She could do this.

She decided to try the jungle bar.  Everyone her age at home is already married and knows her from high school.  She sat there feeling nervous and not really sure how what to do.

The well mojo must have been working because within moments a handsome local approached her.

His name was Fernando Núñez and she broke the ice the only way she knows how… by showing him her social media profile and all of the pictures she’d taken on previous excursions to the jungle.

Suddenly a pickup line that she never would have thought of herself bubbled up out of her subconscious.  It had to be the work of the well.

Fernando seemed even more interested than before and also very flirty.

And after getting to know each other better he started coming on strong.

They even took a selfie together for his own social media profile.

One thing led to another.  It was like they couldn’t help themselves!

And then he said he had to go and gave her a flower to remember him by.

She said she’d cherish it.

And then he was gone.

The confidence and that the well had given her disappeared then leaving only sadness.  She decided not to bother heading home yet.

She may have used the machete a little more forcefully than needed because she was so upset.

She had to admit that being in the jungle in the middle of the night alone was a bit frightening.

Especially when she caught sight of the crashed plane!

A little treasure cheered her up considerably though.  She found a rare striped quartz gold perereca frog!

Feeling bolstered she moved on to the next gate…

Where she found a sunburst jonquilyst gold perereca frog!

It seems her luck is looking up!  Another chest.  In this one, she found a Zazatototl Death Relic!  Freaky.

Thank goodness for spider spray!

She stopped to take a photo of an abandoned boat and a gator.  She didn’t get too close afraid that the gator was the reason the boat was abandoned.

Then spotted a cool iguana near the next gate!

This was the last gate she saw.  She cleared the vines as the iguana looked on.  These vines must be fast growing to cover the gates so quickly.

She stopped at an overlook to snap another picture.

And another.

Finding a temple, at last, she excitedly began to try and decipher clues.

And, beginning to feel like herself again, she snapped a quick pic for her followers.

It took her quite a while to find the right key to unlock the gate.

And as she made her way to the gate Allen showed up.  The family was worried and had been watching her social media in hopes they would get some idea where she was.  He’d already headed to the jungle before her recent update but with that, he knew where to find her.

He’d brought along her jungle gear and together they began to work their way through the temple.

Chapter 4.3


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