TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.3: Secrets Not Long Hidden

Generation 4 Chapter 3

Still in the jungle…

Temple complete!

A little digging around while Alan swims… or whatever.

After spending two days with only energy drinks to keep them going, the siblings barely made it to their beds before passing out.

And so they didn’t know that, upon arriving home from work, uncle Terrance passed away.

The rest of the family were there to witness it.

Grim didn’t seem too happy that the jungle excursion likely kept this event from happening.

He left in a cloud of smoke laughing to Dion and Khloe that he’d see them soon as well.

The whole family was upset.

Including Allen and Luna who woke to the news.

A little memorial garden area was added since, up to this point, the graves had just been lined up on the lawn since moving to the new house.

While they were at it Luna added a little area to show off her prizes.  The Omiscan gold calendar plate had been found in the final temple chest.  One day, when they were feeling up to building an area for it, they would make a room for her prizes to be displayed but with only 3 it seemed silly.

Kimberly heard the news of her uncle’s passing and stopped by to comfort her father after losing his good friend and brother-in-law.

Luna had purchased an archeology table before they left the jungle and decided that it couldn’t hurt to have a bit of skill that might help her with future temple puzzles.

At least it was something to keep her busy.

Mourning for her father, Addison wrote a sad book to try to feel better…

While Khloe chose to nap on Addison’s bed to be close to her daughter.

Luna had also purchased an Omiscan stone lotus and painted skull before they left the jungle and placed them and the rose that Fernando had given her on the desk.  The reminders of her situation only increased her feeling of loss.

Maxwell invited her out on another date.  At this point, she held no hope for them having a real relationship beyond friendship.

She danced and he told jokes but, like the previous date, he spent most of their time talking to others.

That is not a sight she wanted to see upon arriving home!

Oh wise Moonbeam what is to become of all of this?

This nudist phase is really quite disturbing.

The family was finally bouncing back after their loss and Luna took the opportunity to do a little live streaming.  She’s not good at gaming and can’t really understand why she gains so many followers from it.

Perhaps playing in the rain isn’t the best idea now, Dion?


As he ran in from the storm Maxwell arrived to visit.  He didn’t act too shocked over Allen’s state of undress.

Sometimes best friends should just stay that way.  It’s tempting to be more.  It would be so easy.  Or maybe it would feel like kissing your sibling?

Either way, the opportunity was lost.

I love childish sims.

Luna never announced her pregnancy.  Never even mentioned Fernando to her family.  Talon was happy to see that he’d have a great-grandchild soon.

Truly, she didn’t even show until she was close to giving birth and so at first doubted that she could even be pregnant.

A heat wave is really not the best time to dust off things.

So she was glad to go with the family to GeekCon in the city.  Although, after they got there she realized it wasn’t much of a respite but tried to make the best of it…

More family pics for the wall.

Trying to fortify yourself before becoming a grandfather, Dion?

Addison looked so cool.

It wasn’t long before Luna was ready for home and her bed.

Maybe it was because he’s in the Tech Guru career but right before they left Gideon was spotted there!

When they got home, Maxwell showed up again.  It’s so frustrating thinking of what might have been.

It wasn’t long before exhaustion caught up with Luna and she couldn’t resist sleeping.

And later as her family slept she went into labor.  Not wanting to ask for help to the hospital she decided to stay home and go through it alone.

She’d hoped that staying in her disguise might help her have a human child and it seems that it worked.

Little Xavier.  If all goes as planned he’ll be the heir.  But, as we’ve seen lately it doesn’t seem like anything goes as planned.


See?  When he was at GeekCon before they left it showed him at work!

Were you surprised?

One day I saw Fernando walking by.  I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if he knows where she lives.

Chapter 4.4

Chapter notes:

If you’re confused about the timeline, I moved Moonbeam in with Kimberly before Luna went to the jungle until after uncle Terrance died.  Luna really did barely show until her final trimester so I thought I’d take advantage and make it a surprise.  My plan was to have her at least date someone steadily and likely have him live with her until the children were born but fate had other plans for her I suppose.  As to Xavier being human, I used MCCC.  I don’t like hybrid children.  Especially with the fact that she hides her true form.  I actually had her change into her disguise because the game doesn’t recognize the white hair and if he doesn’t inherit from Fernando it’ll end up being a random color.


  1. Allen sure is special – LOL!
    I’m happy Luna got pregnant and had a child (and yes I was a bit surprised – though recently all my Sims seem to get pregnant from their first woohoo – even with risky woohoo at just 2%) – I just wish she could have found a way to be with Fernando – maybe it’s not too late!?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had her try for baby LOL! She rolled single with help. But with that they can stay until the rolled number of kids are born so I’d hoped to move in a husband or boyfriend and probably wait for her to have them a little longer. I did have a single sim in Random I who dated the same guy and had all 5 of her kids with him so who knows? Maybe she can just have a “long distance” thing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Allen sure is special – LOL!
    I’m happy Luna got pregnant and had a child (and yes I was a bit surprised – though recently all my Sims seem to get pregnant from their first woohoo – even with risky woohoo at just 2%) – I just wish she could have found a way to be with Fernando – maybe it’s not too late!?

    Liked by 1 person

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