TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.4: The Little Heir

Generation 4 Chapter 4

Our little baby!  You know he’s going to be so spoiled.

And perhaps a bit terrified of his ghostly ancestors.  Great-great-great grandfather and our founder Dante, popped in for a diaper change.

Addison’s insistence that she is a handyperson like her mom is driving me bonkers.  She even repaired her broken computer when I wasn’t looking.


Just one big happy family.

A little rocking for the baby.  He was almost always being held or played with by someone.

Meanwhile, mom has to work on her social media presence.

Auntie Kimberly stopped by to meet Xavier.  Her son Emmit is now a teen!

Sometimes I miss having her around but at the same time, it’s odd for me that she’s no longer a ghost.

Maxwell stopped by to meet the new Cararro.

And then tragedy struck.

Knowing it’s coming doesn’t make it any easier.

Heartbroken over the loss of her father, Luna went back to the jungle.  As usual, Allen tagged along.

That view tho!

Why is it always Allen that gets attacked?  She’s never going to get past that part of her aspiration at this point!

And then it ended up that almost all of the puzzles were ones with skills that he had higher than Luna’s!

So she just messed around with the archeological sites.

Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.  Imagine glowing blue whenever you’re sad!

Again?  Are you kidding me?  She has gotten poisoned every trip to the jungle!

There were 3 skeleton puzzles and each had at least one option.  It ended up being the very last one that was correct.

I couldn’t find Allen and saw he was going to “fertilize” a bush…

There are at least 2 bushes outside of the temple!  Why did he go way over there?

Meanwhile, Luna was filthy and they were both starving so they returned to the marketplace.

At this point, Luna was so depressed she didn’t even realize she was glowing blue.

Maybe they all thought it was an effect from the temple because not one single sim suspected she was an alien.

They’d gone into the cantina to relax before deciding if they wanted to go back to the camp and sleep or head back to the temple.  Luna was updating her social media status on the computer in the back room when Fernando showed up.

He said he thought he saw her and pulled her into his arms.

He whispered to her that there’s a new hot tub on the roof and pulled her upstairs.

He told her it’s a beautiful view.

And after they had a bit of fun he sadly said he had to go.

Exhausted, Luna barely noticed that he’d left.

Meanwhile, Allen was downstairs dancing with some ladies he’d met.  LOL!

After they’d woken from their naps Luna and Allen changed into cooler clothing and headed back to the temple.

They arrived early in the morning needing showers and sleep badly.

Gideon woke to change Xavier’s diaper but Blaze beat him to it.

Sorry guys, you still have baby duty.

Luna didn’t bother trying to make up for a full night’s lost sleep.  She was too hungry to sleep long.

And after a shower, she decided to take a pregnancy test.  Another baby on the way.

Xavier aged up and mom showed off her multitasking skills by holding him with one hand while giving him a burrito to eat with the other.

Addison came out to entertain him while he ate.

He was also sleepy and was taken aback and overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of greenness contained in his new bedroom.

Just a nap.  It was only a little past noon.

Meanwhile, Luna wanted to record an angry rant for her social media followers but couldn’t become angry!  She found this girl outside with ugly eyebrows and went out to tell her.

Poor Luna just isn’t used to being mean.  Eventually, she just gave up on the whole endeavor and went back inside the house.

Xavier woke from his nap and went out in search of the family and instead found Moonbeam.

Potty training time.

The nap didn’t do much so he was put to bed early for the night.

Maxwell stopped by again.  It’s odd that nobody else ever seems to stop by or call any of them.

Sadly, aunt Khloe passed on soon after heading to bed for the night.

Poor Maxwell was there for both Dion and Khloe’s deaths.

Well, the memorial garden is complete for now.  I couldn’t resist putting that huge space rock out there.

Since he’d gone to bed so early Xavier had to be woken up to eat his dinner.

Poor Dion’s first haunting and he not only learned about his sister passing on but was chatted to by Grim who he did his best to ignore.

I suppose Maxwell will be “uncle” Maxwell eh?

Poor baby.  At least we shouldn’t see any more death unless there’s an accident.

Dion’s so silly.

Dante looking over the little heir.

And then he had to ruin it by haunting something in the room and scaring him!

Not sure why he went across the entire house to wake up Addison when Allen and his mom’s bedrooms are much closer.  Ah, life with a toddler.  And there will be another soon!


Luna’s moods kept swinging from happy to sad throughout their entire jungle excursion.

Kimberly’s son who we haven’t seen since he was a toddler!

I almost died when they went into the cantina and the bartender was wearing a Darth Vader mask!

I’d made those GeekCon costumes hot weather clothing and they all keep changing into them!  I can’t change their clothing with MC Dresser so I couldn’t use this pic.

The final temple prize.  She didn’t get much else and I only had to remove 2 thousand something simoleans when they got home.

Another promotion.  I don’t really even think of what she does as a job.

Everyone else’s sad moodlets from Dion’s passing had just expired but when Xavier aged to toddler he had one!  I removed it.  I mean really he’d been a baby how would he know?

Much funny.  Such humor!  LOL!

This is like an impossible task.


Chapter 4.5


  1. Aunt Kimberley is the ghost girl from the well, right? (I’m trying to remember why you mentioned she used to be a ghost)
    That work task with angry rant is the worst… I’ve never managed it in the given time.
    Yay for running into Fernando again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea, Kimberly was the “teenage” ghost from the well caused by a bug with MCCC. Dion managed to make ambrosia and bring her back to life around the time Luna aged to teen. She met and married her hubby and got pregnant that same day. LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

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