TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.5: And Then There Were Two

Generation 4 Chapter 5

When he heard he had to go to daycare, Xavier hid outside with Moonbeam.  Sorry, kiddo.  It’s club day.

I thought the spa might be fun.  Especially since both Luna and cousin Staci are pregnant.  I’m pretty sure that nobody has been here since the first generation when Talon met Blaze.

Hungry… again.

Lazy Addison worked out.  I was expecting her to do some sort of spa activity.

Outdoor yoga?  Yes, this was surely built before Seasons!  Gideon went out there and then cousin Javon followed… naked.

He’s already so thin the treadmill probably isn’t the best choice but I left them all autonomous.

Oh umm… must be the pregnancy mod.

Before they left Allen got a shot in on cousin Ti-Ning for neighborhood brawl day.

Someone must have been afraid that mommy wasn’t coming home.

C’mon buddy, we’ll do flash cards.

Daycare is forgotten.

I was so upset!  Darned Moonbeam moved as soon as I noticed she was laying in there and went to take a pic.

Now that their dad has passed away, Kimberly seems to be there constantly.  Or she’s avoiding her teenage son?

Allen gets the potty training duty.

While mom works?

Don’t mind your uncles, Xavier.

The ghosts watching was so funny.

Addison joined in too.


Uh, is your neck supposed to stretch like that?

It’s so weird that with Xavier she barely had a belly even in the third trimester but this time she does.

Awe, crap!  Sorry, Allen.

Kimberly’s back.

Bathtime after potty training.

Xavier: I don’t believe a word you’re saying, mamma.

Such a good boy.

And the center of attention to be sure.

Blocks help…

Zoom in on the cuteness.

Backseat gamer.

Aunt Khloe haunts for the first time.

Fernando called Luna inviting her out to breakfast.  This was unexpected.  I suppose he finally found her through her social media?

I’m sure that was unexpected for him as well!

She looks terrified.

But he seemed good-natured about it all.

And they had a nice breakfast.  And found that they enjoy each other’s company even when not umm… otherwise occupied.

Although, that part is still as strong as ever.

And then, Luna went into labor and it was too late to see where their little meet-up might go next.

This time she went to the hospital since she was already out.

A girl!

Meet Natalya Carraro.

Xavier really likes his tablet.

And uncle Allen.

Yikes, Luna!

Are you hoarding those burgers in your room?

Awe so cute.  I think we can see why he likes his tablet so much.

Someone has a set of lungs on her.

Maxwell visited again.

And Xavier finally took notice of his new little sister.  He was very happy!

Night-night little bug.

Dante seems to have taken much more of an interest in this generation’s kids than the previous ones.

Probably not the best idea repairing electronics wearing a foil hat.

Maxwell came over… again.

I suppose another person around to help with the kids can’t hurt.

First, a very angry guy with a weird looking dog stops to pet Moonbeam…

Allen wanders out to introduce himself and is insulted…

He attempts to calm the man down…

And is insulted again!  Best just go inside, Allen.

I wonder what the kids will think of their mom constantly switching in and out of her disguise?

Addison’s adult birthday already.  Where has the time gone?

Ghosts like video games… at least my ghosts do.

You’ll be fine.

Blaze: Oh, umm you weren’t supposed to see that I broke that until after I left.

Grandpa gave Xavier quite a fright!  This is the second time one of the ghosts has woken him up.

All is forgiven.

I miss Dion but it’s not like he’s gone I suppose.

I’ve never had toddlers want to read a book themselves.  It’s really cute.

I also didn’t know they could play in the leaves.  Adorable but hard to screenshot.

Look who’s aged up!

Xavier: Who that?

Xavier: Seriously, who that?

Natalya: Laughs at joke and is accepted.

Now we have double the cuteness.

I just found them like this… I don’t know?

Gaming family anyone?

It started to thunder and upset Natalya so she got a big hug from uncle Gideon.

And then it was Gideon’s turn to age to adult.

Allen: Don’t mind me, just being proactive.

Maybe snuggling her to your face isn’t the best idea, Addison?

Fernando called wanting to know if he could visit.

They actually did flirt a bit while sitting there but Allen was in the conversation too and it kept looking like she was flirting with her brother!  Natalya made a joke but again, it didn’t look right because he looked at Luna laughing and not her.  sigh

They talked for a bit then…

He wandered outside to dig through their trash!

Then came back in to hug Natalya.

And Addison swooped in to teach flash cards.

A tiny bit more flirting and then he said he had to go.  It was nice he got to see the kids.  Well, Xavier had been sleeping most of his visit.

Then it was Natalya’s turn to sleep.  She took over Allen’s room and Allen moved his stuff over to Khloe and Terrance’s old room.  Night little one!


Cousin Stacy had a boy.

Cousin Ti-Ning’s wife had a girl.  I hope this doesn’t mean the baby wasn’t his!

He called her for a date before 4am!

Umm… no.

Chapter 4.6


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