TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.6: Elder?!?

Generation 4 Chapter 6

The ghosts really like hanging around in the kid’s rooms.  Thankfully, it didn’t wake Natalya.

A date in the middle of the night all the way in the jungle?  Sure, why not?

Geeze y’all move fast!

Don’t mind us in our bathing suits.

Awe!  Darn these rolls.

I’d expected her to be ported home when the date was over.  When she wasn’t I figured she might as well make the best of it.  Since they’d gotten there in the middle of the night it was still early.

She still needed to battle a natural uh… whatever for her aspiration.  I figured it was best to have her just hang out until attacked by something.

Ah, there we go!  Bees!  She logically outsmarted them.  Although, her logic skill isn’t very high so not sure how she managed that.

Natalya toddled to the door to meet mommy.

Nooo!  You’re not allowed to age to elder, Moonbeam!  Well, I suppose it’s fitting that my first ghost pet will be in this household.  sigh

I wish the chairs didn’t scoot out so much.

Allen entertained Xavier…

And Addison entertained Natalya…

While mom slept.  Xavier can’t understand why mommy is sleeping all day.

Bath time little guy.

Elder Moonbeam.  cry

I feel like all she does anymore is livestream.  I really don’t like this career at all.

I suppose this is why they’re called “helpers” in the legacy rolls.

You may remember that the Harvestfest gnome tradition was replaced by “invite guests” in this household.

That’s Kimberly’s teen son Emmett.

Just as the grand meal was finished, everyone started leaving.  Gideon had gotten impatient and gone to bed.  Them going to bed when they’re barely tired is driving me crazy.


Of course, Moonbeam gets some.

Our old lady.

Getting cold.

And, it’s Xavier’s birthday… already.  Time flies!

Awe what a handsome little gent!

I can tell he’ll be close to his little sis for sure.

Meow!  Mew!

Time to force everyone to play chess with our resident whiz kid.

Natalya is quite the whiz herself.  Already over 3 in almost every skill!

Love this little family!

Brush kitty nice kitty.

Xavier did not seem too interested in being read to for two whole hours.  He stood behind her with this face the whole time.

What?  Nooo Allen!

His hat looks so funny!

Well, have fun.

Returned in one piece?

He was actually quite pleased with the whole experience.  No nooboo though.  I was almost hoping there would be.

I imagine the number of Moonbeam pics will be higher than usual.

Spooky Day!

I really wish there were better toddler costumes.

Gideon actually looks quite scary in that one.

Club day!

Oh erm… sorry Stacy.

Did she bring them inside with her?  Ohmygosh they’re terrorizing them all!

Here I spent all kinds of time and simoleans making a cool outdoor fire area and these idiots decide “hang out by the fire” means fireplace!

See?  I ended up having to put the fireplace into “storage” to lure them outside.

Beginning his own generational tradition, Xavier had to stay happy for 3 hours and do happy interactions.  All that happy earned him his first scout badge!

I wish that wearing costumes and carving pumpkins were club activities.

One of the Spooky Day traditions is to tell stories.  And what’s better than a fireside story.  Although, it’d be nice if they’d sit to listen.

Allen told a story next.

I hadn’t expected it to rain.

Fernando just poof aged to adult.  It was getting late.  Enough clubbing for today.

I really didn’t leave any room for kid paraphernalia when building this house.  So when I moved the kid stuff out of the basement I just repurposed the nursery.

Prank Day.  Also, the first day of winter.

This was hilarious!  I forgot that aliens have this mischief option.  Kinda cruel considering his recent encounter.

No one is safe!

Kind of an odd place to hang out.

Might as well take advantage of the proximity to the bathtub.

sigh More livestreaming.

Moonbeam ran out to greet Xavier when he returned from his scout meeting.

Fernando called asking if he could stop by.  They look very similar.

Awe.  The little family all together.

Why are you all in there?

Every time!

More forced chess.

While mom and dad have a little bit of fun… in Addison’s bed!

The little one will be aging to a child soon as well.  Time really does fly!


They fixed the “stuck in the jungle” bug in a later patch.

I had to pay for her to rent something just so she could go home!

She needed charisma for this one.  Her charisma was very high so I was disappointed she failed.  Thankfully, the bite wasn’t poison.

Yay for bee attacks!

I think I like the other option to help with other’s emotions.

First, Xavier rolled uncomfortable for his emotion thingy.  He ate spicy food and stood in a bathroom with broken plumbing.  But… there’s nothing they can do while in that mood.  It doesn’t even give mood whims.  So, since I update the rules anyway, I removed this one and rolled again.  Happy is kinda boring and it was actually hard keeping him in it for 3 hours.  He turned playful from Natalya’s jokes right after the time was up.  Misc fun never really seems much fun although I don’t mind the club day for the most part.

Sorry, girlie, no can do.  These poor sims are ruled by their rolls!

Apparently, Fernando left her in the jungle and adopted a dog.  At least he has a friend now.

Finishing off with a bit of weirdness for you.  Xavier kept doing these stretched interactions.  He doesn’t even have high mischief!

Another one.  So creepy!

Chapter 4.7

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