TS4→ Townie Life Ch 1: Like Different Worlds

One good thing that came of the recent blog issues, I learned that I can put chapters here without needing to upload media. Here’s the original.

*The Townie Life Challenge was written by Onyeka001 and can be found on her blog.

Meet Kacie and Chaz. Both children are part of the townie exchange program… sort of like foster kids living with townies. The neighborhood they’ll be living in is filled with Onyeka001’s Early Years sims which are townies aged down and given families. I decided to have two kids for a couple of reasons. First, because I thought it would be cool to have different personalities, one helpful and one not. Also, because I want to stretch the time out so I can see more of the townies before they start aging up. This is why I have two other played households in this save as well.

Chaz- D’Alia (Jang) Family

(Roll 10- Club)

Chaz wasn’t sure what to think about this foster thing. Especially when he got off the elevator to find the dad arguing with the neighbor. His worries were forgotten when the daughter Anaya laughed and said her dad and the neighbor always fight like that but they’re really friends.

She showed him inside. What a funky house!

After a quick look around, Chaz introduced himself to Anaya’s parents Nabeel and Manbir.

He couldn’t help but to complain about his parents. They were never as cool as Anaya’s!

Nabeel told him if he could earn the simoleans to purchase some yarn himself that she’d teach him to knit. Anaya said knitting is really cool so he went out to see if he could find anything to sell.

His search was cut short when the family invited him to GeekCon with them.

Wow! All those costumes!

He tried to enter the gaming competition but didn’t get a high enough score.

He decided this was the best place to sell the globes he found.

Some cosplayers bought them right away.

It must be hard to wash all that gold off!

They played games until the festival was over.

On the way back to the apartment, Chaz bought some yarn.

Nabeel seemed happy to teach him. He finished a beanie but decided he’d look silly wearing it. Maybe one day he can sell it on Plopsy.

After a little more searching, he found another globe and a discarded voidcritter card but by then everyone must have gone to bed. Guess it’s not so true about the city never sleeping!

But, Chaz decided, everyone has to sleep sometime. Even if sleeping in a tent is kinda weird.

Kacie- The Alto Family

(Roll 4- Giftgiver)

Kacie didn’t know what to think about this foster program. All she knows is her big sister thought it was a great idea and she didn’t want to disappoint her sister. But, wow, that house is huge!

And really nice. She decided she’d better not tell them where she and her sister had been living since their parents died.

She was going to introduce herself but decided it might not be a good time.

Maybe if she gets good grades they’ll like her?

It was a really long run to school.

After school, she decided to stop at the park before going back to the house.

And grabbed a little something she thought one of the family members might like as a gift.

Maybe not the dad. He didn’t seem pleased to have her there.

Her sister said kill them with kindness… whatever that meant. But when she met the daughter Holly she thought she understood.

Maybe Holly will just get used to her being around?

Oh, and there’s a baby too. A boy named Jareth. When she asked about him Nick said it’s an old family name. She wasn’t sure exactly what that meant but pretended she did.

Vita seemed very scary at first but when she was in the kitchen she waved Kacie over to chat.

Holly didn’t seem too pleased that Kacie was getting her mom’s attention.

That’s when Kacie remembered the time capsule she found in the park.

Kill them with kindness, right?

And try not to look down when setting up your tent!


When trying to decide if I should give the kids a tent or a blow-up bed I decided to do a test. The tent has no energy or stress relief rating. The test found them equal in both. The only difference is that Kacie, who was in the tent, would pop out of the tent immediately after her energy filled while her sister had to be told to stop sleeping. Plus, as TigerLover on Twitter reminded me, the tent has fun activities.

After Kacie left for school, Nick caught himself on fire cooking!

I brought Vera there to call the fire department.

Close one. Vita seemed unconcerned.

After that, I left the lot while Kacie was at school and took her to the park after in hopes that the baby’s needs would be taken care of. Sheesh.

Note: I did make a family club with Chaz but couldn’t think of a way to fit it into the story. Despite making knitting a club activity and putting a yarn bag thingy in each of their inventories, nobody knitted. Oh well. I’d also cheated Nabeel’s skill up so she could mentor him for the story. I originally planned to have Kacie knit but Chaz’s family seemed the perfect one for it. I can’t imagine the Alto’s knitting!

Chapter 2 coming soon!

One comment

  1. It’s so cool to see you play this – I hope you’re haivng fun and the rules aren’t too conveluted – but really, it’s you… you love complicated 😉
    I imagine Vita woulnd’t give two plums about Nick almost dying in a fire – she’s just that kind of wife.
    Nabeel and Manbir are lovely and for story purposes I tend to do minor cheating as well – we all know it’s more fun that way


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