TS4→ Fractured Legacy 9.4: Poppy

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Since it’s been a few months, I thought I’d do a very quick reminder of who Poppy is before we start…

Kali Robinson, 9th generation heir of the Robinson Legacy told her long-time boyfriend, fiance, and father of her child, Malik Holt, that she wasn’t going to marry him.

She ran away to the city, and after giving birth to Penelope Robinson, 10th generation heir of the Robinson Legacy family, rushed home from the hospital before anyone could find her.

She became obsessed with magic and found herself thrice cursed. She left little Penelope, or Poppy as everyone knew her, with the neighbor and was never seen again.

Thinking that Kali was in some kind of trouble and someone terrible was searching for her and Poppy, the neighbor lady took her as far away as she could. Unfortunately, her time was up and she had to leave Poppy alone with only the lessons she’d taught her about living on the streets.

Present Day

Ever since she was left alone, Poppy Gould had to fend for herself. Sleeping in dumpsters.

Which isn’t very Sanitary!

Thankfully, there are free toilets and showers at the run-down community center.

She had a hard time making friends at first. She didn’t know who to trust so stuck mostly to interacting with animals.

At least she found some interesting food. Although, it can’t be very good if someone threw it away, even if it is sometimes fresh.

Little by little she started edging towards the other sims.

If anybody noticed her digging through and sleeping in the dumpster they didn’t mention it.

One day, after school, a boy followed her “home.” And the term home is used loosely. Mostly, it’s just a shipping container she hides stuff that she finds inside.

He liked to complain a lot. Turns out he has no family either. Though, he does have a sort-of home with a bunch of others.

Poppy thought for a bit about asking him if there was room for her there but changed her mind.

She’d become accustomed to being alone and doing whatever she wanted when she wanted.

Still, it was a little embarrassing at times.

She wondered if the boy had said something because a pretty lady that lived at the same place he does stopped her one day to say she could come by if she wanted a bath and a warm meal.

One day after school, she decided to take her up on the offer.

She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d had a proper bath!

??? and her boyfriend ??? seemed really sweet. They had a baby boy named ???.

There were times she had to second-guess herself over whether something was edible. This was one of those times.

??? started coming around almost every day. They became best friends.

??? came by after school one day too.

She wasn’t as good of a friend as ??? but she’s pretty cool too.

On the weekend, Poppy decided to try and sell all of the little things she’d collected recently.

Not only did she sell everything but the grown-ups at the community center started treating her like she wasn’t just an annoying little kid anymore.

One even mentioned to her that she could make money raising bugs. Most people either don’t like to do it or don’t have the time but the stuff they produce sells. Poppy spent most of her simoleans to buy a bug house and put it by the storage container where she keeps all the stuff she’s found. Yep, things are looking up for Poppy Gould.



Almost killed her!

Not sure why ??? has no family.

Best find yet!

Invitation for the bath… which she was kicked out of halfway through by someone else living there.

When I saw this I almost lost it. I would love to have found this table in the legacy household!

And, it’s good to know they sell eco-parts… and strangefruit?

Thanks to Lothirahoe’s amazing Sim Spawn Overhaul mod, Blayze here was the only sim from the other neighborhoods I saw and I’m sure he was there as a vampire walkby.

One day, she pulled a platter of grilled cheese out of a broken fridge she’d dug out of a dumpster.

Pretty rainbow despite all the muck.

Stuff she’s found so far…


Three showers, a fridge, and a store fridge thing.

Some artwork, a mounted fish, a career reward, and a diploma.

One of the Robinson cousins!

Some topiaries.

And a bunch of burnt crap.

Gallery Credits…

I’m sorry! I can’t find the screenshots I took when I downloaded all of the sims! I swear I know I did and I’ve seen them recently but they aren’t in any folders that I can find. When I do find them I’ll add them to this chapter.

Mixed Bag Advantages & Handicaps…

Next Chapter coming soon!

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