Drifter Reboot

Drifter Reboot is a sort-of continuation of Drifter I and Drifter II but there’s really no reason to read those in order to read this unless you want to know who the ghosts are if we ever see them!  If you’re interested in how I moved all of those sims to the new save I wrote a chapter about it Rebuilding & Merging Two Drifter Family Lines.

Chapter 001.0: Setting Up
Chapter 001.1: Looking for Love?
Chapter 001.2: Persistence Pays?
Chapter 001.3: Attempting to Date
Chapter 001.4: Summer & Fall Review
Chapter 001.5: Winter & Spring Review
Chapter 001.6: House 001 Done!

Chapter 002.1: Like Hell Froze Over
Chapter 002.2: Little Fishie
Chapter 002.3: Sleep Is Overrated
Chapter 002.4: Granite Falls Fun
Chapter 002.5: Tragedy Averted
Chapter 002.6: House 002 Done!
House Tour
Bloopers & Outtakes

Chapter 003.1: Love in All the Wrong Places
Chapter 003.2: Slow and Steady
Chapter 003.3: Naughty or Nice?
Chapter 003.4: Boviniferious II
Chapter 003.5: Party Time!
Extra: Then There was a Park
Chapter 003.6: It’s Your Own Fault
Chapter 003.7: Family Time
Chapter 003.8: Finale!
Extra: Bloopers & Outtakes