Gnome Crazy!

Intro: Dreams

Chapter 1: We Need Happiness

Chapter 2: There and Back Again

Chapter 3: Very Awkward?

Chapter 4: A Slave to Fame

Chapter 5: Gnometastic!

Chapter 6: Domino

Chapter 7: Chicken Blocked

Chapter 8: Sir Dance-A-Lot

Chapter 9: Puddy Tat

Chapter 10: Making Friends?

Chapter 11: Neve Appears

Chapter 12: Tackle Cat

Chapter 13: Expanding

Chapter 14: Stardom

Chapter 15: Evil!

Chapter 16: The Real O.G. (Original Gnome)

Chapter 17: Light Em Up, They’re On Fire

Chapter 18: Jon Wick(er)

Untrained Ch 1: Scavenger

Chapter 19: Full Moon Summer Fun

Untrained Ch 2: The Unicorn

Chapter 20: Through Good Times and Bad

Untrained Ch 3: Spells and Potions

Chapter 21: World Tour

Untrained Ch 4: Breaking Point

Chapter 22: I Just Wanna Be Brave

Extra Bonus Chapter: Meadow Glen

Chapter 23: Welcome Home

Chapter 24: Let’s Play Find a Gnome

Chapter 25: Terrifying Teenhood

Chapter 26: Birthday and Box of Death

Chapter 27: Like a Charm

Chapter 28: The Spring Thaw