Personality and Motivation

I’d found an article on the Sims 2 We Are All Dreamers blog on assigning motivation to sims.  With this process, you would take the Activity points and subtract the Playfulness points.  I think this does make sense because a low playfulness sim would be more serious and thus ambitious and a low activity sim would be lazier.  Lazy and ambitious conflict with each other!  I’m not going to quote their entire article.  I’m probably going to use their system as it is so there’s no point in writing it all out.  They used a Simblender mod addon to prevent extra skilling for Sims 2 and I found one that does the same thing for Sims 4!  Modders are freaking awesome I tell ya!  The mod is called Lock Skill Gain Progress-Make Sims Your Own by Triplis.  The description: “Want to make a cook who is always a kitchen disaster waiting to happen? How about a singer who can’t carry a tune in a bucket and never gets better, no matter how hard they try?”  This makes perfect sense in this situation.

Yes yes I know, we’re supposed to want our simmies to do good in all things bla bla.  But, in the end, that’s boring!  I want my sims to each have a unique personality!  If they are a lazy sim and uncomfortable each time I make them exercise why would they have maxed activity points?  There are other cases that don’t use skills but affect emotions.  Slobs do get uncomfortable when cleaning or tense… I forget.  I’ve always just kind of ignored these moods that are associated with their traits.  I’ve found traits like lazy only good for sims that are sitting a lot for their income like writers.  I feel like this process gives us more unique and interesting sims.

I loved the chemistry system in Sims 2 but felt that things like the turn-ons and turnoffs were kinda silly.  If your sim is a vampire and you want to hook them up with someone who’s turn off is vampires you can just play them and use a ReNuYu Porta-Chug to change their turnons and turnoffs.  My system uses personality and motivation.


Motivation is calculated by activity points minus playfulness points.

-10 to -5 Underachiever

-4 to +4 Average

+5 to +10 Overachiever

Underachiever– No business, only to level 5 in career

Average– Can have a business, only to level 7 in career

Overachiever– Can own unlimited businesses, top career

Note:  I do at some point in the future plan to work the parenthood character traits into motivation.  Using these cheats.

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