Personality Profile Trait Chart

Note: Any changes are in blue.  

Neatness scale- If you rolled 0-2 on the Neatness scale and 6-10 on the Activity Scale reroll neatness!  (Changed to 6-10 because it still didn’t make sense!)
0 auto slob, lazy, bad manners
1-2 roll for slob or lazy
3 auto glutton

7 roll for foodie or squeamish/speed-cleaner (Can’t take LTO)
8-9 auto neat, antiseptic
10 auto neat, good manners, antiseptic

Social scale
0-2 auto loner, independent, home turf
3-4 roll for book-worm, speed reader, super green thumb, collector, geek

6-7 auto outgoing + roll for bro, incredibly friendly, shameless, night owl, gregarious, connections
8-9 auto outgoing, insider, incredibly friendly
10 auto outgoing, mediator, insider, incredibly friendly

Activity Scale- If you rolled 6-10 on the Neatness scale and 0-2 on the Activity Scale reroll activity!  
0-2 auto lazy
3-4 auto clumsy, professional slacker

6-7 roll for dance machine, vegetarian, gym rat, high metabolism, morning sim
8-10 auto active, ambitious

Playfulness scale
0 auto snob, responsible +roll
1-2 auto snob +roll
3-4 roll for self-assured, materialistic, frugal, entrepreneurial, business savvy, perfectionist

6-7 roll for night owl, a great storyteller, carefree
8-9 roll for childish or goofball
10 auto irresponsible + roll for childish or goofball

Niceness scale- If you rolled 8-10 Playfulness and 0-2 Niceness re-roll Niceness
0 auto insensitive, dastardly + roll for evil, hates-children, klepto, non-committal, mean
1-2 roll for evil, hates-children, klepto, non-committal, mean

6-7 roll for loves the outdoors, cat lover, dog lover, observant, fertile, always welcome, super green thumb, domestic, animal affection
8-9 auto good, family oriented + roll
10 auto compassionate, good, family oriented + roll

Logic vs Creativity- 
0 auto genius, savant, mentor
1-3 auto genius, quick learner

7 roll for marketable, stoves and grills master, creative visionary, art lover, music lover, essence of flavor
8-9 auto creative, muser + roll
10 auto creative, savant, mentor

Flirtiness scale- I’ve changed flirtiness so that it’s more of an attraction factor and less of whether they are a player.  I’m also doing the flirty roll at mid-teen stage and adding the traits then and have removed this as a factor in chemistry.
0 auto unflirty

6 auto romantic
7 auto romantic and alluring
8-9 auto romantic, alluring, great kisser
10 auto romantic, alluring, great kisser, shameless, beguiling

Emotional Scale 
0 roll for uncontrolled emotions/erratic or hot-headed/argumentative
1-2 roll for hot-headed, gloomy, or jealous

6-9 auto cheerful
10 auto controlled emotions, cheerful

Optional additions… Out of curiosity, I decided to go ahead and categorize the aspiration reward traits but I don’t want to add them above since I doubt many will be keen to use them.

low neatness: Melt Master

low social: Angler’s Tranquility, Survivalist, Appraiser

high social: Potion Master, In the Know, Beloved, Perfect Host, Socially Gifted

high activity: Long-lived, Physically Gifted

low playfulness: Shrewd, Thrifty, Natural Leader

high playfulness: Tormentor, Hilarious (careful you can kill Sims with this!)

low niceness: Mastermind

high niceness: Patriarch, Role Model, Vicarious, Animal Whisperer

high logic: Webmaster, Handy, Professorial, Mentally Gifted

high creativity: Poetic (may need high writing skill); Piper (May need high music skill); Expressionistic (May need high painting skill); Fresh Chef; Creativily Gifted

mid-high flirtiness: Companion

very high flirtiness: Player

I don’t know where to put the Jungle Adventure rewards, the Freelance Botanist reward, or the vampire rewards.


  1. Knowing that you have a mod that lets you add more traits (I use it too) I know you could add basically as many traits as you saw fit to any Sim so I need to ask. Have you set a max limit for how many traits you want any one Sim to end up with?

    Using the Neatness Scale as an example for my question(s) how do you do it?
    If I rolled 2 for a Sim would I then proceed to do a Yes/No roll for each of the traits associated with that number or do I just roll once to determine which of those traits the Sims ends up with?

    Rolling 3-7 gives no trait in that category – right?

    Rolling a 10 gives the Sim the Neat trait – but what does the +roll mean?
    Do another roll for something (what?)? Good Manners maybe? I’m sorry if you already explained this in an article – if so just kick me in the right direction! 🙂

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    • At this time, I haven’t rolled a sim that has a huge amount of traits so I haven’t considered a limit. I’ve tried to prevent anything that conflicts so they aren’t all over the place.

      No, they get a single bonus trait. Here is my low neatness roll since you used that as an example:
      *low neatness rolls
      bad manners
      And here’s the first neatness roll:
      *neatness scale
      0 auto slob and bad manners [1]
      1 roll[2]
      2 roll [3]
      3 no roll[4]
      4 no roll[5]
      5 no roll[6]
      6 no roll[5]
      7 no roll[4]
      8 roll [3]
      9 roll [2]
      10 auto neat plus roll [1]
      I’d share this document I’m using but I’m still fine-tuning it and I doubt many people would be interested in using the randomizer thing.
      A sim with 10 neat automatically gets assigned the neat trait but they get an additional trait on top of that.
      *high neatness rolls
      speed cleaner
      I know Foodie sounds weird. I think it conflicted with Glutton which is a low neatness trait.
      Now I’m worried that I didn’t cover this… I’ll have to look!

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  2. Thank You for explaining – and sorry for making you worry!

    So a 0-roll gets Slob and Bad Manners – and there’s no additional roll to add some of the other low neatness traits – but if a 10 is rolled it means Neat trait + a roll for one the other high neatness rolls (the ones in 8-9 roll section) – I think i got it!

    Foodie-Sims tend to look very well-behaved/civilized (maybe it just looks like that to me after playing Murkland Glutton Sims for so long) when eating which is think of as neat/good manners – but I also think of foodie sims as being creative – I don’t know if it a game mechanic or if it’s just something I made up in my own mind but I think of cooking as a creative process in Sims – also because the Culinary reward stove has a creative emotional aura.

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    • The reason I did the bonus roll for 10 neatness is because 0 neatness gets 2. This balances things out.
      I do have stoves and grills master as a creative roll so you’re right, foodie should be there as well! I also have Master Chef as a suggested option for a high creativity sim. See? I’m still figuring a lot of this out! Thanks for the suggestion.

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    • I knew I should have added an explanation for that… I think I did on the ones that publish on genetics. It’s for the randomizer I’m using. It weighs the probability. Like in this teen flirty roll I’ve weighed it more towards the middle so that I don’t have tons of unflirty and player sims.

      *teen flirty scale
      0 auto unflirty[1]
      1 no roll[2]
      2 no roll[3]
      3 no roll[4]
      4 no roll[5]
      5 no roll[6]
      6 auto romantic[5]
      7 auto romantic[4]
      8 auto romantic and alluring[3]
      9 auto romantic and alluring plus roll[2]
      10 auto romantic, alluring, shameless, beguiling, and great kisser[1]

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      • Ah, that makes sense! – thanks again for the reply.
        I tend to want to know IT ALL when I find something interesting – so my many questions is just my way of letting you know that I think what you are doing is awesome!

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        • Awe thanks so much! I welcome the questions because it’s always so hard to write things like this since I personally already know the answers I don’t pay as much attention to details! I have the same problem with challenge rules.

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  3. Reading through the list and rolls again (and again – I get obsessive) I found some traits that are not represented. Most of them makes perfect sense to not include – e.g. all the vampire traits and the less motive decay reward-traits.There are some I wonder about though: Art Lover, Beloved, Cheerfull, Companion, Good Manners, Hilarious, Mastermind, Museum Patron, Music Lover, Player and Sincere.

    My BF took an interest in all this and he’s teaching himself programming – he decided that making a “Roller” for this would be good practice. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with 🙂

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    • Did you show your boyfriend the one I’m using? I tried to find something that would allow me to do that through a website or something but nothing I could find had different weights to rolls like the random stuff roller does. Without that I’d be stuck with a bunch of unflirty sims!
      As to the traits… I hadn’t realized I’d missed some, no. I actually questioned a few of them because none of my sims rolled them but they were there. If it’s a reward for completing an aspiration trait it likely isn’t on the list on purpose though I might change my mind on that. I’ll add the others. I wonder if I had a list of ones I wasn’t sure where to put and never put them anywhere in the end! I’ve never heard of Sincere what’s that from?
      I think the only “less decay” trait I have is antiseptic for extremely neat sims cuz I picture anyone getting antiseptic compulsively washing their hands and freaking over anyone around them being dirty, lol.

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  4. About the Sincere trait – I don’t really know where it comes from or how to normally get it. I just saw it on my in-game list. Description says: Sincere Sims have more success with apologies and compliments. The icon is hands holding a heart – maybe it’s a trait that was removed at some point?! Is it maybe one of those toddler-to-teen taught traits (can’t remember their name) like responsible and good manners?

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    • I did a google search and it said it was removed. I changed the list and added the others. I can’t believe I had bad manners on the list but not good! Now I have to go through 20 sims to see if any of them need to have that one added.

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    • The thing I don’t like about the one I’m using is that the results come out in black and I can’t copy and paste them which is why I was trying to find a way to make them via a website roller. The problem is that I keep changing and updating things like the amount of weight I’m giving things. I had to give the middle numbers less weight last time I did rolls because EVERYONE was getting middle numbers and thus no added traits!

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  5. I’ll tell Thomas (The BF) about the problems you’re having and knowing him I bet he’ll be happy to make some sort of collaboration with you on making a “Roller” for this – he’s still learning but he’s clever and good at this kind of stuff. He set up a wordpress-account a while back – his unsername is Galgoen and I’ll have him contact you here if you’re interested?!

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    • Sure! Like I said, the thing I’m using that Hook made YEARS ago works. I just take screenshots of the results and add them to the profile but I think the program would confuse most people. It took me hours to figure it out!

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  6. U can changes it if u can work with virtual studio and ad stuff u want, but u need abit of programming for that. But u can always ask me if u need some changes or adding ekstra fitures and stuff. But adding ekstra traits while the program is running is not so easy to do. Still new to programming.

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    • Yea, no I know nothing about programming. The one I’m using now I’ve been changing stuff almost every time I use it so that might be kinda hard.


  7. If u wan’t to have the SPMaker on ur site for others how follow u to download it is oki with me. The more that uses it the more happy i will be. Atm im working on a roller for the next generation. That takes parents roll, average roll of parents and random roll where u can input score from parents.

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    • I can if you want. Whatever I have on here for the birth roll isn’t what I’m using now. That’s the problem, all of this is very much in the beginning stages and I’m constantly changing it. The only experience I have at this point with the birth roll is CAS sims and test sims.


  8. OKi but I can make changes to it. thats no problem. We can work together on getting it just right. just need ur input and so on. Getting better every day at the programming stuff and the more “problems” I need to solve the more I learn. so thats all good. And it is fun to do.


    • I’m sorry, right now I’m barely holding it together after discovering that thousands of links on this site no longer work. I just can’t do this right now.


  9. Remember that being flirty does not have to be towards a lot of different Sims (people) it can be directed at that special someone or a select few – at least that’s how it works in my mind 😛

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    • What I’m saying is that the higher levels of flirty sims I imagine to be more outgoing. Especially 10 which I consider players. I was getting all these rolls with 0-2 loners getting 9 and 10 flirty and it seemed weird to me. Like I said, feel free to ignore my blathering. I think I started to over-analyse it all after the like 30th one.

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    • I’m fine with the one I’ve been using now that I figured out how to copy/paste. If you want to make one for others you can. I also change some of the variables as I roll if too many are rolling the same traits and such so I need to be able to edit it constantly. If you get around to it let me know and I’ll link it for anyone who wants an easier one.


    • I was looking over the Apple Valley R.O.S. rolls and saw they had hobby meetings and thought oh wow that would work great with clubs.
      I love bros! They get happy moodlets around each other and have special interactions with other bros. I wish all traits were like that.

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      • I know, some of my favorite sims are bros, and they all have wildly different personalities but get so happy around each other, which is how I ended up with a couple of clubs, heh.

        Speaking of R.O.S. rolls – that’s a good idea about the hobby club! I’ve been working on my list and realized there’s a lot of potential in using the lot traits for rolls as well. I just did the very first “real” set of rolls because my rotation went back to household 1 and someone’s lot is going to be dog-friendly for a week. 😛 (I’ll figure out why when I get there.) I also rolled a death (!!!) but I don’t have that many death options on the list, so it was just a fluke. Sad, though. 😦

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          • I figured that’s what you meant. The other is dog friendly for parks and such. I wish I could figure out which of my mods is attracting pets w/o a lot trait.


        • I still don’t have the rolls done. I think I’m going to gradually add more in. I’m planning to do the health roll like she does on Postcards from Sierra Nova. In the roll there’s a chance they’ll get a strike. I chance is higher for older sims and the likelihood goes down by age. She does it 5 strikes you’re out. I don’t know how I’ll do it yet. She also does bonus’s against strikes like if they have high wellness skill or something at a certain age they get a + and then if they get a strike it just negates that… if that makes sense? She has a bunch of different ways to get the + (No clue what she calls it I forget) like number of whims, tally of bad moods, aspiration completion which mine aren’t doing aspirations at least not now so that one is of no use. There were a few rolls on the Apple Valley chart I thought I might add but a lot of stuff doesn’t apply to Ash Shore yet. Disaster? Financial stuff? Ya know? They live in tents because of the whole disaster thing, lol. They barter so no money. There was a roll to add sims to the family like a long lost (CAS) relative or to adopt or get preggo. I might add that. I’m procrastinating it. I also can’t decide how often to do the rolls. Are you doing it once a rotation?

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  10. Once per rotation, yes, and I’m rolling for 3 results. I’m also borrowing from Laura on several things: the “depression” roll, the lot deterioration, and the health strikes. What I’ve had trouble with is how the health strikes relate to the lifetime base – I know for her sims she uses a very specific aging process that corresponds to years, but I’m using just the regular sim lifestages, although with the number of days modified to suit me. So I know exactly how many days my sims are “supposed” to live, and using a percentage of 2 or whatever I can adjust it up or down even if I change the exact number of days. But I think I worked out that the health strikes are a kind of parallel R.O.S. I’m not sure they’ll actually be useful to me in the long run since I’m not really writing a story, more just playing along, but it does add another element of randomness. (How I’ve applied it to using the stages instead of years or months is that I just numbered all the sims, then ordered everyone by lifestage, so elders have the highest probability of rolling a strike, then adults, YAs and so on down through teen.The list gets reshuffled periodically as sims go in and out of lifestages but it’s not too hard to update since I only really need to apply the health roll one time per rotation.) I haven’t really tried to apply the handicaps/bonuses though because nobody’s really gotten to that point since I’ve started doing this.

    The other thing I’ve been doing that was inspired by Laura’s methods is applying a tax system and charging the sims for things like glasses or braces, because otherwise they just accumulate and accumulate money, especially since some of my households have been going on for generations. (For example, one of my founding households was a single guy raising his orphaned toddler niece and nephew, and they started out in a gallery version of the Broke trailer from Sims 2. Three generations on that’s now the third richest household in my entire game. 😛 ) I also set up a “college” where I sent a bunch of the new YAs to skill up for a week and they need certain “degrees” for certain jobs, etc etc.

    I think the “lost relative” idea would apply really well to Ash Shore because I can totally imagine families getting separated in the disaster, thinking each other dead, etc etc. Also maybe they find something unusual floating down the river? I’m not sure what but there’s probably a lot of detritus from the old world scattered about.

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    • I’m not much help with the aging. Mine’s based on the Ash Shore calendar timeline not sim days. I don’t even have aging on for the played households and since I’ve had to recently mark almost everyone as played I’m getting ready to figure out ages for everyone in the save in a few minutes actually.
      That’s so cool about that uncle’s family now being rich! How many are you rotating? I was planning to do the university thing as well. I actually have one I was going to use in my build a city challenge save that is awesome. No clue where they will get the funds to build that! They’re just about to start doing the currency thing I had planned before I even started them. I actually thought I’d be able to start it almost right away! Silly me.
      Awesome idea of finding something lost! So far anything that they don’t make themselves has come from the city. I have to explain somehow why whenever my sims do go there someday it’s so built up and looking great, lol.

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  11. Currently I have 25, but I might release a few of them back into the wild, so to speak. (And the absolute newest family includes the sim that drew the death roll, so that may change things, but it’s a while before I have to worry about that, hehe.) I’ve done that with a couple of households that I didn’t have any desire to play anymore and it’s actually great to have some of my “own” sims mixed in as part of the townie population. I had a huge population explosion during the first few rounds when I was actively trying to create new families, but for the last few rounds I’ve been trying to rein it in a lot more. 😛

    If I was starting from scratch I might consider a different aging system, but it’s just waaaaay too late to impose it on this save, heh.

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    • Oh yea I don’t blame you. I had the aging system and the calendar/timeline planned out when I was going to do this in Sims 2. That’s a lot of households to rotate wow! I don’t plan to always play all of my households every rotation. I don’t even consider them rotations. I have a list of the ones I want to play and play whoever I feel like in whatever order for that “day” and cross them off as I go.


      • I can see a lot of things I might want to try if I were to start a new save, which…I very well might, at some point.

        I am loving Ash Shore, by the way. I am so invested in your sims. Is it okay to comment on the entries? I tend to be the sort of commenter that says a whole bunch at once and then nothing for a while, but I am reading and enjoying. 🙂 (I’m also ppjc on Twitter; I followed you, but I don’t post much.)

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        • I would absolutely love it if you commented! I’ve moved all the chapters over to that blog so I don’t have to stress about bugging people who follow me here with more than a post a day. Or them feeling obligated to read super long or picture intensive chapters. I followed you back on Twitter.

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  12. Great! I absolutely do not mind long or multiple entries. I’m trying to figure out how to post some of my own updates, but since I’m so far along in the rotation it would include a lot of backstory with no pictures. 😛

    I love what you’re doing, though, and am definitely reading and following. 🙂 I may drop in some random comments for past entries. I like seeing the different ways players take the Sims, it’s an amazingly creative tool.

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    • Comment away! I love it. Backstory might be hard to read w/o pics. Maybe sprinkle it in here and there where explanations are needed? Then again, that’s probably just me. My mind seems to go ADD on me as soon as there’s more than a few sentences that aren’t broken up. And yet, I can sit and read a whole book in a day, lol. I got the ROS rolls and everything done last night. I remember that before I went to sleep I had some brilliant idea regarding them… can’t remember now!


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