Awesimsauce Challenge

Chapter 1.0: The Rules
Chapter 1.1: Everything Falls Into Place
Chapter 1.2: Growing
Chapter 1.3: Witchy Woman
Chapter 1.4: The End of a Generation
Chapter 2.1: Purple Reigns
Chapter 2.2: A Dark Cloud
Chapter 2.3: Full House
Chapter 2.4: Say Goodbye to Yesterday
Chapter 2.5: Bleh, Bleh, Bleh!
Chapter 3.1: Where’s the Vampy Love?
Chapter 3.2: Generation Orange is Born
Chapter 3.3: An Abrupt and Unfortunate End
Chapter 4.1: Orange is the New Black!
Chapter 4.2: Out with the Old; In with the New
Chapter 4.3: A Vacation Surprise
Chapter 4.4: He’s Having a Baby!
Chapter 4.5: To Parts Unknown
Chapter 4.6: Surprise and Surprise Again!
Chapter 5.1: The House Gets Emptier
Chapter 5.2: Rocks Priced Cheap
Chapter 5.3: Back in Business